Eclipses Practices & Beleifs


A solar eclipse is an eclipse wherein the moon is in between the earth and the sun. Causing the moon's shadow to cast upon earth.

Angry Sun: Greeks beleived that a solar eclipse is a sign that the Gods are angry. And pandemic & disaster are soon to happen
Celestial Theft: Koreans before believed that mythical dogs are trying to steal the sun every time a solar eclipse happens.
Modern Day Superstition: Indians fast during solar eclipses. This is because they beleive that food cook during solar eclipses are poisonous or unpure.


A lunar eclipse is an eclipse wherein earth is located between the sun and the moon. Causing the moon to appear reddish

Jaguar: Ancient Incas beleived that Jaguars are stealing the moon everytime a lunar eclipse happens. Causing them to make noises and even beat up dogs to make them howl to drive the "jaguars" away.
The Hupas (American tribe) beleived that the moon has many pets and wives. And every time the moon didn't feed them, they attack the moon until it bleeds.
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Jeph Tayag


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