Keep the zoos by. alex white

Image three kids go into a zoo and see and elephant this is something that wouldn't be possible without zoos.

I think we should have zoo’s because kids can go look at animals from around the world. have to go around the world to see one animal. and it would be educational. They might care more about animals. and the animals are away from their predators so the animals are safe in their cages.

And people hunt animals for fun and food and trophies but at a zoo the animals are safe from hunters. Plus they give the animals the right food just like the animals do in the wild so they keep the animals alive.

And scientist would study the animals up close and they could learn what they eat what they drink and study what kind of habitat they live in.

And one final reason i think me should have zoos is because sometimes it's kids first time seeing a big animal like a elephant and a small animal like an owl that's why i think we should have zoos.


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