My Media Consumption by: shawna lucas

Nielsen Report on the Daily


Nielsen compares two years worth of data to each other to show how media consumption has increased over the years.

It differs year to year depending on media device that is used.

Nielsen Report 2016

Notice that smartphone usage had the biggest increase in usage by almost one hour of use per day. Primary reasoning for that is due to being able to access almost anything through smartphone devices.

Comparisons : my data v. nielsen report

In the bar graph, the purple represents my data usage and the pink represents nielsen's data usage per day.

Only 4 out of the 9 mediums were chosen to represent nielsen. There are only two that were primarily used in my media consumption. the data provided for my comparison was chosen by the day I had most data usage (Monday).

The graph shows how little I use data mainly because of my schedule. working 40 hours a week and going to school full time affects the outcome of the results.

Media That Was Used

Pie graph shows percentages of what I used and what was most used. It gives it more of a visual to see how much was used.


Facebook was in the top three of my most used apps. It is a great medium for finding out the latest news or watching a puppy roll over. spent approximately 1 hour and 5 minutes on there.

photo creds : abcnews. com


Twitter was used for me to keep track of the latest trends and musicians that I like. Also, hilarious memes.

photo creds :


Main use is for me is getting inspired by others photography post. Also use this to share my own work (@ruthlessfight).


Use for main source of communication. Take into good use the direct message feature.


Netflix is where I spent the most time on. It is easy to get wrapped up in this medium considering how long whatever you are watching is and also the addiction (binge-watching)


photo creds :


This medium placed second in my most top used. I use this to listen to any music when I am driving, working, or just bored. This is my favorite platform. It allows me to make my own playlist of songs I love and also find new artist.

photo cred :

photo cred :

Measuring Media Audiences

Measuring how much someone is consuming a certain data or platform is vital to advertisers. They can aim their advertisements at certain audiences based on what they use or how much they consume.

When comparing my media consumption I realize how little I do consume media. It is important to consider someone's work load or how busy their lives are. That can be an essential aspect when choosing a sample.

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