Perfect Town you don't have to be perfect but you have to try to be perfect.

The purpose of my utopia is for everyone to try to be perfect. Just like my motto says, You don't have to be perfect but you have to try to be perfect. In my utopia I want everyone to feel like there trying their hardest to be perfect. Everyone will be loved and cared for.

RULES: 1. You cannot kill or hurt anyone. 2. No foul or mean language. 3. No littering(Be a clean citizen). 4. If you break the laws you will be fined. 5. No drugs. 6. No one can be out past curfew unless your given special permission. 7. No stealing. 8. Cannot surf until you have had at least one lesson. 9. If you break the law more than 8 times than you are kicked out 10. HAVE FUN!!!

My utopia is located in Hawaii. My reason for this location is because Hawaii is a very happy, tropical, and fun place and you can go to the ocean.

A typical day would look like waking up. Getting ready for school or work, your boos picks how long you work of no longer than 7 hours. Then school starts at 8:45. After school home work time starts at 3:30 to 4:30. Than you have free time for three hours than dinner starts at 7:30. After that you have more free time till 9:00 than it's bed time. On weekdays you parents assign your curfew. Religious activities are on Sundays.

Government: My government will only control things that I tell them to control. Like making laws, printing money, and enforcing laws. The leaders will be picked by the community. They will become leaders by everyone voting for them. I will have my government run like a democracy. This is where everyone gets to vote who the leaders are.

My utopia is so amazing because we don't expect you to be perfect. But we do expect you to try to be perfect. Also we have great oceans and you can earn a vacation at our very nice beach resorts. Also the weather is perfect. Everyone can afford nice homes. There are no poor people ether so if you need money for a good cause we'll help.


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