Mom and Dad's e-mails from the U.S. Virgin Islands

Arriving (03/26/17)

From Dad: We made it to our rental!

Day 1 (03/27)

From Mom: We had a great first day on St. John. Blue skies, blue water and very comfortable at the beach with the sea breeze. I saw fish, an octopus, a sting ray, and sea turtles in the water and then we saw a huge cow about to cross the road as we drove along and tonight there was a pig having an evening stroll. I was out by the pool when I thought I heard Dad coming outside, but is was a large iguana scurrying down the steps and lunging into the pool for a quick dip. I never expected to see that! Then it just crawled out and sunned itself on the edge for a long time. Stay tuned. Love, Mom. PS: Forgot to mention the RUM!

From Julie: How descriptive! You should take up novel writing. We look forward to the next chapter!

Day 2 (03/28)

From Dad: Hike. Sugar Mill closed in 1907

Then we had some excitement!

Day 3 (03/29)

From Mom: Jason and Manu, We are both well here. However, our neighbor found our front door open and I need Jason to call me to explain as few things ASAP. Love, Mom. PS: We have no cell coverage here, so call land line at the villa which is 340-693-9951

From Mom to Al Sauer: Hi Al, Jason Zamer will be going over to Huntcliff in about an hour, most likely with all the dogs with him. I want him to check a few things in the house. Could you please let Jason Willard know this so he is not concerned when he sees activity at our house? And let me know you received this email. Goodness. Thanks. Kathy

APD K9 Unit, ready to take on Huntcliff robbers

From Dad to Al Sauer: Albert, I forgot I hid checkbooks and then had Jason Z check there and they were found where I sometimes hide them. Jason Z checked jewelry, computer, etc. and nothing gone. So no one broke in. Sorry for your trouble. I must have hid checkbooks on auto pilot. I can not remember doing it but I did. Not sure how door got open. Maybe thief came in since door wasn't locked and could not find checkbooks and decided these people are morons for leaving their door unlocked, and left nor wanting to take advantage of simpletons, OR there was no thief and just a big gust of wind opened door. Jeez. Twenty bucks for you if you forget this ever happened.

Note from Jason: We will offer Al double to always remember.

From Manu: Beautiful, but you need to come back asap. We finished our Cosco cheese.

From Mom: LOL Manu! I guess we owe you that much after tonight's chaos! So glad Jason could go over and check the house. FYI to Julie, Andrew and Kevin: I apparently failed to lock the front door and it blew open today. Next door neighbor noticed and he and Al Sauer went over and locked it, but Jason Z. drove to Huntcliff to throughly check everything out. OK OK stop shaking your heads. Yes, I know this is really dopey. Just you all wait until I get REALLY old! Love to all, Mom. PS: No cell service at all here the last two days. I am checking emails which is how I found out about the front door.

From Kevin: Wait?

Day 4 (03/30)

From Dad: See Kathy (look hard) snorkeling below house

Close up!

From Jason: Mom, great form! and what a place to snorkel!

Day 6 (04/01)

From Dad: Real pro

Last Day (04/02)

From Dad: Iguana pic included

The famous Eguana

From Mom: Sunday evening. Our flight arrives 8ish. See you then. Great vacation.

From Manu: This is great! Looks like you are having fun. When are you coming back? Asking for a dog.

From Dad: Airport Picture

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