A major problem today is that there are no clear rules for how to behave on the internet. The internet is seen as a world separate from the physical world which results in people more easily behaving badly to each other. This includes harassment, bullying, unwanted sexting and more. People of all ages are constantly connected – children, teenagers and adults. People often don’t know how they can safely protect themselves from other people’s inappropriate behaviour.


Parents of children and teenagers are in a particularly difficult situation in respect of this problem. We believe that mothers largely lack knowledge of how they can protect their children and teenagers against the pitfalls of the internet.


With Norton Family you can easily protect yourself and your children against all kinds of harassment.


We are constructing a new communications platform for Norton, where we will begin with the Norton Family product, which is aimed at our target group and will clearly and in an inspiring way make Norton Family the obvious choice for protecting children and young people on the internet. The starting point will be that “Now Norton is making a stand against internet harassment”.


We are creating a video format with a debate/TV studio feel. This will enable us to step into the public sphere and create a meeting place for dialogue on the subject. Here we will involve a selection of profiles who will act as Norton’s ambassadors and create dialogue regarding the problem on the internet and the opportunities presented by the products.


Our suggestions include Linnea Claeson, who is currently in the spotlight regarding boys harassing girls on the internet and in social media. She has become known for dealing in an intelligent and ingenious manner with boys who send her crude suggestions, abusive comments and unwanted nude images. She currently writes under the Instagram account @assholesonline.


As this is such a hot topic we feel that there is an opportunity to create a direct collaboration with selected media in Sweden, such as TV4. This collaboration will involve us promoting and selling products, presenting our ambassadors and depicting Norton as the obvious choice for becoming safer online.


We feel that it would be advantageous to work with a partner such as Friends or BRIS to reinforce the message and present the project as a social project. Norton can run its own campaign, but an interest group can reinforce the legitimacy of the project.



We will create a symbol and a label – think Pink Ribbon – which is bundled with products sold through all retail channels. It will also be possible to buy the symbol/label separately to show that the bearer supports the fight against online harassment and for a safer internet. We will ensure that the symbol is visible in all channels.


We will work with PR to create a dialogue on the topic and products in podcasts (e.g. Pappapodden), on radio and in leaders in magazines and the daily press.


We will use our message and ambassadors in print campaigns linked to the subject.

"Right now, it happens to the the girl next to you. Protect yourself and your family and support the fight against internet harassment."


Of course we recommend that we should be at the centre of things where this actually takes place – on social media. We will create dialogue platforms on different social media channels and link to an advertising campaign on selected social media.


We can sell the product and symbol bundled together with hardware in retail channels, but also in non-linked channels such as H&M, magazines and blogs aimed at mothers etc.


In summary, we want to take a holistic approach to the communication and ensure that we take up space in the public sphere. Norton will be responsible for drawing attention to and finding a problem for the problem of online harassment and the helplessness parents feel when faced by this issue. Norton will take on the debate and stake out the way forward. We will create a label and a symbol that people will be proud to wear, and will engage ambassadors in many different media channels.

The project is, of course, scalable and can be developed across a number of markets if desired.


ULF MÅRD /// CREATIVE PARTNER /// ulf.mard@louder.se 0706313523

ANDERS HAGEN /// VD-PARTNER /// anders.hagen@louder.se /// 0708666103

LINNEA HÄRJERUD /// ART DIRECTOR, CREATIVE /// linnea@hellohi.se /// 0705798070

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Linnea Härjerud

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