Ms. Fouzieh Mansour ED 202 eportfolio Final 2016

Part One: About Me

Hello, here is a video that tells you a little about who I am!

My Educational Philosphy

My Educational Philosphy

A teacher is more than just a teacher who has the job to teach students in a classroom. I believe that a teacher is a teacher, mentor, friend, like a parent and at times a student's role model. The role of a teacher is to bring her students together in a classroom in order to make them ready for what is yet to come from them in life. A teacher not only teaches material to students, they teach them manners, respect, loyalty, friendship and responsibility.

I plan to impact student learning and achievement in my classroom by allowing my students to be comfortable around me and their peers. In order to have an impact in a classroom you have to build the trust of your students. If my students feel like they can learn and do better then my class will be nothing but successful. However, if a student does not feel like they belong with the others then that is when achievement will not be met.

My overall goal as a teacher is to be the inspiration that child needs to become successful. To make my students proud of themselves and to know I will always be there for them!

My Educational Philosphy on Technology

My responsibility as an educator regarding technology is to present it to my children in the best way I can. Technology may seem difficult to some students therefore, it is my duty to use it effectively. This allows me as an educator to grow professionally in technology. The understanding my students have of technology and I strongly presenting it, is key to growth.

student interaction with a smart board

Technology has a very important place in my classroom. It is being placed in every classroom as the main method for teaching these days. The impact of technology will be achieved in my classroom in the best way I can. All my lessons will be presented through a smart board. Activities and review games will also be used on the smart boards. I will include iPads in my classroom in order for students to achieve independent work which allows them to learn or work on their own on certain lessons.

With having technology in a classroom it does require being very careful when using it. I will make sure the safety of my children when using technology is in no way of harming them. There will be no other ways to navigate in the iPad that has nothing to do with what is needed in the classroom. Setting rules to using the technology is key to knowing your students understand that this is not something to play with. Although allowing them iPads in a classroom will excite them, it is still a classroom and classroom rules need to be followed.

Part two: My Artifacts & Refelctions

Standard one: Facilitate & Inspire Learning & Creativity

In the classroom we were given a variety of supplies and a Makey Makey kit in order to build a project of our own. My partners and I came up with an operation board game, one similar to the one pictured above. My reflection on this is how amazing it was to me as a college student to be able to make something like this. It was a very fun and creative project to work on. I will definitely include some of these kits in my classroom. This applies to the ISTE standard of facilitating and inspiring creative learning. It grabs the student's attention when they are allowed to work on a project like this rather than a traditional lesson method.

Standard two: Design & develop digital age learning experiences and assessments

For this standard I made a lesson plan which is a detailed description of the lesson that is going to be taught. My reflection on making one lesson plan on a lesson of my choice was very interesting. It was the first I ever made and it was a mix of hard and easy. As a future educator we are expected to make daily lesson plans for the school year. I enjoyed being able to fill one out now because it has given me an idea of what is yet to come. This applies to the standard of learning experiences and assessments because it allowed us to assess lessons in a way it is required as a future educator.

Standard three: Model Digital Age work and learning

The iMovie project was by far my favorite. It was a cool way to allow the students to recreate their own idea of what the lesson is. This applies to the ISTE 3rd standard because it involves modeling digital work. I would use this for students after a lesson. they could make a summary of what they understood from the book they just read in class.


The digital literacy newsletter was the most project that I actually learned a lot from. I was able to have a better understanding on what exactly needs to be done in order to guarantee the safety of my students in my classroom. I learned ways to avoid it happening and how to handle it if it does happen. My students will definitely have no problems with any cyber bullying etc. This applies to the fourth standard because it expresses and models ways of citizenship and helping explain ways of avoiding internet problems.


This badge gave me the confidence in being a google based educator. I always loved google and it's cool features. Earning this badge has been the best activity of this class. I am so much more familiar with google and it has to offer. I plan on using only google in my classroom. The training and test was not very easy but being able to do this gave me growth in what I needed. This applies to the fifth standard because it made me earn the professional growth I was aiming for. I feel like a leader with this badge!


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