Life Goals what i want to do in life.

One year from now i would like to have a job- I would like to have any job but i would really like to start working or training to be an engineer.
Another thing that i would like to accomplish is to be 30 pounds lighter- I have always been a heavy kid and by the end of this year i would like to be around 125 that would be my goal for the end of this year.
By the end of the year i would like to be out of high school- Im not the smartest kid in school so im hoping that by the end of my high school i have all my Credits im going to start to working extra harder to make it because im self driven.
MY final one year goal is to have a girlfriend- Even if takes me till the end of the year to get one then im fine but after that im not going to try because after that year im focusing on my self and im going to work on my self even if i do or dont have any one by my side.
My first 3 year long term goal is to be the man of the house- So in 3 years i want to be the man of the house and start to support my mom and my sister i want to start to pay bills and take care of important things and let my mom not worry about anything.
In 3 years i want to put my sister into college- Im not going to go to college but im going to save up for my little sister i want her to go where ever she wants even though i dont see my self there i see my sister.
3 years from now i want to move out- i want to have my own place with no help from anyone i want to save up and get it on my own.
in 3 years i hope to own a car- im HOPING that that i get to have bmw m3 that is my dream car its so BEAUTIFUL.
in 3 years i dont want my mom to worry about anything so what im going to do is get job and have her slowly stop working so that by the end of the 3 years she she wont have to work ever.
in 5 years i want to become a united states CITIZEN i want to be able to go anywhere in the world
in 5 years i would like to go back to my birth place in mexico and see all the family i have never seen
so in 5 years i would like to get my own dog i have always wanted to get a GOLDEN RETENTIVE that dog is so BEAUTIFUL
i would love to start my own clothing brand i want it to be called fat boy i have always wanted SOMETHING called like that
i would love to be MARRED in 10 years to the most beautiful girl in the world i want to MARRED her first then have kids
10 years form know i would want to have 2 little boys one would be called Angle and carson
in 10 years i would like to see my little SISTER get MERRYed i want to walk her down the ile


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