Captain Marvel empowers women in a unique way By: Jake Navarro ’20

Since the death of Stan Lee, Marvel fans have been waiting for something good to happen, and Marvel has finally delivered. On March 8, Marvel premiered “Captain Marvel”, their first movie in which the lead superhero is played by a female actor.

Captain Marvel is about Carol Danvers (played by Brie Larson) who resides on a foreign planet known as Hala where she has been training to be a Starforce soldier. Although Danvers currently lives there, she has no recollection of her early childhood, besides the frequent flashbacks that constantly haunt her.

On one of her missions, she escapes capture and ends up on Earth where she finds her true identity: that she was part of the U.S. Air Force. As her time on Earth progresses, she realizes that her flashbacks are actually from her time on Earth since she was born. Seeing the evolution of Captain Marvel allows the audience to understand her character more.

Additionally, this movie tries to translate real-world applications of the development of women’s rights throughout Captain Marvel’s time on Earth. In the beginning, Captain Marvel has flashbacks of her childhood up to her teenage years where multiple men doubt her abilities and strength. This is similar to women prevailing through constant negativity. This development of Captain Marvel is truly powerful and shows special relation to the real world.

Captain Marvel soon after she was knocked down in battle. Photo contributed by Slash film

Captain Marvel gains strength as the movie progresses. For example, Captain Marvel wasn't able to control her power, but as she got stronger she was able to fight for herself against the enemies. This happened when she had three people trying to capture her, but she was able to fend off for herself. Once again, the development of the strength of Captain Marvel demonstrates the strength of women to stand up for themselves on a daily basis.

Although Marvel movies are usually full of action and fight scenes, Captain Marvel incorporated a lot of humor throughout it. Humor is used many times as Captain Marvel starts to learn about her true identity. This is displayed when Captain Marvel first lands on earth and encounters a cop. Throughout the conversation, she decides to shoot fire out of her hands.

This movie was truly meaningful to a lot of Marvel fans mostly due to the tribute to Stan Lee’s life at the start of the movie. Not only was this movie important to Marvel fans, but the rest of the world as it demonstrates the strength and development of women.

Coming into the movie, I expected big things and again, Marvel did not disappoint. With the incorporation of humor and women empowerment alongside a decent amount of fight scenes, it kept viewers sitting on edge of their seat as well as laughing constantly. With that, I think Captain Marvel deserves an 8.5 out of 10. Due to the tickets being a cheap $11.75, Captain Marvel is a must see for all.

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