World Marrow Donor Day is a unique day to thank all donors who have signed up to donate blood stem cells, bone marrow or cord blood for patients in need of a transplant. World Marrow Donor Day is celebrated globally on the third Saturday of September, in 2019 on 21st September.

“The World Marrow Donor Association was established 25 years ago to ensure that donations of stem cells by altruistic volunteers could find their way to the patients who needed them, independent of geography and politics. World Marrow Donor Day is the embodiment of the value, respect and indeed love we in the transplantation community offer to our donors. It is only one day but it reflects what we think year-round in a concentrated way.” – Jeff Szer, President of the WMDA.

In South Africa a special stunt was organised in an aquarium to say 'Thank you donor'.

The many creatures that inhabit our oceans are as diverse as the ethnic and cultural groups that make up our Rainbow Nation. There is an ocean between saying and doing so #ThankYouDonor for giving hope of life to our patients.

Fifth global celebration

To celebrate this milestone, many organisations participated in 'light red, blue and white' to show their support on World Marrow Donor Day. Over 25 landmarks were lit up in different parts of the world.

In Brazil they found a very creative way to participate in 'Light Red, Blue and White' with glow in the dark paint.

Events all over the world

More than 350 events in 50 countries on 6 continents took place for World Marrow Donor Day 2019.

World Marrow Donor Day celebrations in Taiwan, where many volunteers were raising awareness in the streets.


In China, South Africa, Brazil, Poland, Germany, USA, Chile, the Netherlands, India; all over the world people were baking World Marrow Donor Day cakes to send a huge thank you to all stem cell donors!

In the Ukraine many people used the Facebook frame on their profile picture in support of World Marrow Donor Day.

tell your story

World Marrow Donor Day provides a platform for donors and patients to tell their story.

See some examples of how people took to the internet to share their story and spread awareness on World Marrow Donor Day 2019.

In China the World Marrow Donor Day logo was made with domino stones.

All the World Marrow Donor Day celebrations were part of the National celebration of the 70th anniversary of the People's Republic of China.

Impact in numbers

In the USA a special online gaming stream was part of a larger campaign to reach a young audience.

Keep spreading the word

With World Marrow Donor Day features we will create a ripple effect beyond World Marrow Donor Day throughout the year. So keep sharing and get ready for World Marrow Donor Day 2020! Use our hashtags #WMDD2020 and #ThankYouDonor

In Israel a special campaign was launched during the national elections called 'Vote for life'.

Join again next year!

Mark your calendars on 19 September 2020!

‘A match x a life’ was the campaign of the Spanish donor registry for WMDD 2019.

Many people around the world dedicate so much effort to match in a relationship, why not try to match to save a life?There is a person somewhere in the world with whom you can be compatible. When you match with that person, something magical happens ...