Review. By Savannah ross


I recommend the movie mirrors, the plot is very thought out with a few plot twists, that I definitely didn't see coming. Mirrors is rated R there is a lot of blood and cussing.

The setting is an important part of mirrors or any movie, if you don't know the setting you will be confused. Mirrors takes place in a old burnt dirty store called the mayflower. It's a old store and Ben an ex cop is doing security. I think it's a good creepy eerie setting you definitely don't think anything of the setting at first but it really ties the movie together very well. The background actually is a picture of it from the movie.


The Plot holds attention but it's not straight forward you have you think about it obviously,for the most part it holds attention. The conflicts aren't really realistic since it is a horror movie, I've never had a mirror attack me, but at the same time it's believable. They scenes look realistic. The plot basically without giving anything away Ben gets a security job at the old burnt mayflower, he starts seeing weird things happen in the mirror and finds the wallet of Larry ( you'll find out who he is) and like a normal person he try's to think logical until his sister dies. He tries protecting his family and it all traces back to a schizophrenic girl.

It's a really good plot it's very thought out and creepy. There is a huge part of the plot that I'm not telling you because it would ruin the movie for you, you just have to watch it. There are definitely things that I didn't expect but ici told you that would be a spoiler and no one likes those.


The characters are where it's lacking horror,movies never really have great characters. Horror movies like mirrors are basically here's the main characters and the others die. The characters are realistic and good actors even though I know none of them. They are believable it's definitely not cheesy. When things with the mirrors start happening, like any other person Ben get curious and investigates. He tries to think of logical explanations. When his sister dies a gruesome death he doesn't know what to do he just kinda breaks down. But what Ben does know is he needs to figure out what's going on.


The scenes definitely aren't funny there very Gruesome. The dialogue is pretty natural, freaking out , cussing , stuttering. The dialogue is just random I mean what would you do if you just walked into a room with your dead sister (spoiler) with here jaw hanging off with a bathroom full of blood. It's not just writing it's body language you don't want to watch a movie where they stand there like robots. When Ben finds his sister there's a lot more of body language than words.


The actors fit the characters in my opinion, it goes into writing. They use a lot of body language more than woruds. They're interesting characters and well written. After Ben figures out somewhat what's going he rushes home and paints all the mirrors in his wife's house to protect the kids his wife freaks out thinking he's a threat to the kids and kicks him out, until she sees it for herself when mikey , son starts acting weird. Like in this picture Ben is bloody and gross they really do get in to character


There definitely isn't a strong theme in this movie but... you can find one in pretty much everything. Something like not everything you see is what it seems. Like this picture take a closer look


I don't really know what you could compare it too, it's kinda like people judging othhers no one truly knows except that person.

And that's it, the end

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