discrimination Esther Lee


Sexism is a rising problem in the United States. We need to raise awareness on problems, including violence against both genders, sex-selective abortion, gender based salary discrimination and etc. Women earn less and pay more.

How did I get interested in this IssuE?

at first, i had no idea what i wanted to do. I looked into popular social issues and i became interested in the topic of body shaming against women. As i was researching, i realized that more emphasis was placed on body shaming against women than the body shaming against men, which led me to the topic of sexism.

Why is my Social Issue Interest important for me and for the audience?

i find it disturbing that some people think it's right to treat others differently based on gender. i think that every one of us will go through a situation where we will be prejudiced against for our gender and i would like to stress the importance of this matter to prevent such situations from happening.

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