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"Deliver the male"

Mr Myles Hogarty

College Principal

It has become inevitable that the frequency and reliance on Delivering Mail is becoming almost extinct as we use many digital forms of communication more frequently.

Delivering the Male”, with all of its challenges and rewards however is very far from extinct. Adolescent males are highlighted in the media for many of the wrong reasons and society often treat teenage males negatively until they have at least passed their adolescent years.

At De La Salle, boys are our business and our Vision statement and practices are focussed on delivering the male from things that can hold them back and providing them with a hope filled future.

We aim to Deliver the Male from:

  • The limiting nature of illiteracy and under achievement.
  • The frustration of poor “self management”, habits.
  • The isolation of digital device dependency
  • The shortage of employable skills and qualifications
  • The pursuit of material wealth over spiritual wealth.

There are factors which hold young men back from reaching their potential and our Catholic Lasallian College seek to address these and prepare our “gentlemen” to be great men.

At De La Salle we seek to Deliver the Male towards success:

  • Focus on raising Literacy across every year level, the “Boys who read Achieve” mantra is a strong College priority. We need more dad’s to model and push this with their son’s.
  • De La Salle College’s emphasis on creating Great Men of Community by involvement in Sports teams, Music Groups, Portfolios, Special Character groups, Mentors, eliminating the loneliness and isolation of growing e-communities that are faceless and characterless.
  • Focus on our College Pastoral Goal of our gentlemen “strengthening their self-management skills”, to prepare them for everyday College life and beyond our school gates.
  • Our College’s expectation that every boy must be suitably qualified to enter Tertiary study or access the College Gateway and Transition programme to pursue employment, supported by our well staffed Careers and Guidance department.
  • Our College’s insistence on the value of respect for all staff, students and families. Being a Man of Service to others trumps the focus on self.
  • Our College’s focus on regular prayer and Catholic and Lasallian rituals to give young men the opportunity for internal reflection and the knowledge that they are members of a 2021 year old tradition, that they see “hope” in their future and that they are supported by a God of unconditional love.

There are many additional ways that the “male” is delivered at De La Salle as seen on a daily basis by the 1000 gentlemen of the College.

While society and the media tend to zoom in on the negatives around adolescent males, we constantly look to how we can celebrate and raise the profile of our “gentlemen”, so that they become “Great men of Faith, Service, Community and Excellence.”

God Bless

associate principal

Mr Dermot English

"HONESTY, the Best Medicine"

The school decided on Wednesday to hold our Ash Wednesday service one week late. The Christian celebration of Lent provides boys and adults with a method proven by time to maintain our mental health and to examine the issues that cause us anxiety. This is even more important in a time like now with more uncertainty than normal.

That method is to be honest. The readings on the day are about us being honest, not pretending about our motives, or hiding from the real issues. If we are honest we can actually say what is worrying us, rather than trying to ignore or minimize it. That means we are more likely to get help and to solve the issue. If we aren’t honest then the anxiety persists and can make us unwell.

Secondly we can have better relationships because we have been honest with those around us, especially when we upset or hurt them. Again, being very defensive, or defying reality, will only cause more anxiety and overreaction.

Lets take some time in Lent to be aware of how we affect others and those we love- and in order to make ourselves well, listen to the wisdom of our Christian tradition and be honest

Nga mihi nui


Deputy Principal - Mr Phil Doyle

Academic Update

A final reminder that students should order their NCEA Certificates from NZQA www.nzqa.govt.nz

All students that have achieved NCEA Level 1, 2 or 3 should order their Student Documents: NCEA Certificates, Record of Achievement & School Results Summary from NZQA. All documents are free. Students should talk to their Homeroom teacher if they need assistance.

One month in and …

De La Salle Certificate and NCEA Internal Assessments starting

All students will start to be assessed in their courses. For Year 7 to 10 the grades can go to their De La Salle Certificate points total. You will be receiving an electronic copy and a link to your son’s De La Salle Certificate Handbook to see what is coming up in the next few weeks.

For our Year 11 – 13 students the assessment is a little more high stakes. Your son will be starting assessments in most of his classes in these next two weeks. These will be worth credits towards NCEA.

You will be receiving an electronic copy and a link to your son’s Senior Assessment Handbook. The Handbook outlines all the dates and assessments for all subjects. As well as gaining credits, we are also asking boys to aim high and achieve big. Ask your son what he needs to do to get Merit or Excellence in his next Internal Assessment.

For all students, keeping track of progress is key.

Year 7 – 10 students should be aiming for 20 points by the end of Term 1 / start of Term 2.

Year 11 students should be aiming for 20 NCEA Level 1 credits by the end of Term 1 / start of Term 2.

Year 12 and 13 students should be aiming for 15 - 20 NCEA Level 1 credits by the end of Term 1 / start of Term 2.


Deputy Principal - Mr Elton Charles


Each year our College strive to ensure that every student feels a sense of belonging. Participation is the first step in the process of feeling a sense of belonging. Many of our students have decided what they would like to achieve this year, and have joined in activities available at our school.

If your son is still unsure of what activities to participate in this year, you as a parent can support him by having a conversation about this.

This year we will offer a range of activities at our College. Some of these include:

  1. Service Hour opportunities
  2. Debating
  3. Hiking/Tramping
  4. Camping
  5. Chess
  6. Sporting activities which include
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Cricket
  • Rugby
  • Kilikiti
  • Basketball
  • Tag
  • Waka Ama

We hope to see you involved in the many activities we offer at our school. For further information regarding the activities, please contact the school.

Special character

Assistant Principal for Mission - Mr Kane Raukura

Dear Lasallian family, friends and community. May the peace of the Risen Christ be with you all this day! Blessings from the College Lasallian Centre!

Assistant Principal for Mission Mr Kane Raukura and Br. Mark

It is with great pleasure that I write this first report as the new Assistant Principal for Mission. I look forward to strengthening, growing and engaging in Mission with you all as we continue to walk together on our faith journey.

Guiding our wonderful students, your sons, is my priority. It is my sincere hope that all our young men develop a personal and close relationship with God. One, where they know, God will support, love and care for them all the days of their lives.

We began our College year with our opening staff mass and reflected as teachers on the enduring influence we have on those we serve. As we start the year, once more filled with hope and zeal, we are honoured to be tasked with the education of our Tamariki at De La Salle.

This year, the Diocese of Auckland’s 2021 Opening Combined Schools Mass, was held at the Church of Christ the King in Owairaka, on Wednesday the 10th February. The church was packed to overflowing and we prayed as teachers for a successful year. At the Mass, our new college Liturgical Candle was blessed and sent home with us to be as a beacon of faith throughout our school academic year.

We also celebrated ‘Dedication Day’ on Friday 12th February and all in attendance would attest to it being a very fitting and proud Lasallian moment as we prayed for God’s blessing on our year, dedicated our works to Him and officially recognised our 2021 ‘Men of Service’. It was wonderful having Father Martin Wu as our energetic celebrant, the presence of families and friends, plus the strong support of the Board of Trustees and the De La Salle Brothers. Each new College Leader humbly received their prefect badges from our Principal Mr. Hogarty. My sincere thanks to the staff and students for their support, Mrs Lusa for the stage flowers, Mr Vaotuua for his music leadership and great team of musicians, and the care and organisation shown by our Campus Minister, Mr Apuda. As they say, many hands make light work, and it truly was a team effort!

Thank you to our parents who prepared the amazing lunch to celebrate our Men of Service.

Next up on the Special Character Calendar – Year 7 and 9 Retreats, Thursday Masses, NZSMC Meeting Rotorua, plus first College Special Character Committee Meeting for 2021. More on these next time!

Do you have ideas or thoughts that could make our college special character better? Please share with me RaukuraK@delasalle.school.nz

Live Jesus in our hearts!

ict academy

Director ICT - Mr John Singh

Computer Science courses offer exiting and ever-evolving opportunities for students who are passionate about Technology. The College in partnership with Techtorium Institute of Technology in Newmarket have a range of additional Levels 3 and 4 NCEA Computer Courses for Years 12 and 13 students to get a real taste of what it’s like to study Computer Engineering at Tertiary Level.

Term 1 School Holidays Courses are listed below. Years 12 and 13 students are invited to register their interest.

All Course costs will be funded by the College.

Contact Mr J Singh for further details and Application Form

Peer mentoring

Peer Mentors by Petero Qereqeretabua 7TUF

My body quivers and shakes as I leave my homeroom to talk with the seniors. As we talked to our mentors we got to learn a bit more about our school and how it works. Talking to our mentors was interesting. Our mentors name was Allerton, he is in Year 11. He told us to take school seriously because before you know it you will be leaving the college and heading into university.

Peer Mentors by Iosefo Tominiko 7TUF

Today 3 year 11 and 2 year 13 students came to talk to us about the college. My self, James and Phoenix were in Justin’s group. He is one of the Deputy head boys of the college. He was cool, he spoke to us about what its like being a senior and how you must keep your face clean shaven.

Peer Mentors by James Fidow 7TUF

Today was the start of something awesome! We met our new peer mentors. We all got into groups with one senior and went chatting with them around the school. Phoenix, Iosefo and I got picked to go with the Deputy head boy Justin. We went near the basketball court and started talking about the school. We talked about our futures and what we wanted to be when we are older.

HEALTH and Physical education faculty

The year has started well for the Health and Physical Education Faculty with the the Year 7 to 10 students participating in Fitness testing and Athletic classes in preparation for Athletics Day on Friday 26th Feb. For the Health programme, Allenzo Tamatoa from the Attitiude Foundation gave a brilliant talk to the Year 10s with the presentation based on solving problems, handling stress and ways to navigate through peer pressure and unhealthy relationships. You can access more information about the Attitude talks that the De La Salle students have throughout the year in the link Attitude Foundation

Attitude presentation

A warm welcome to Mitchell Powlesland who joins the PE Faculty in 2021. Mitchell is a keen rugby player and coach who is looking foward to working with the students at De La Salle College.

Fonteyn Olofai
Tesi Samani
John Peyroux Bob

Just a reminder that the school Physical Education uniform can be purchased from the uniform shop


Music lessons are well underway for the year. Our very experienced itinerant tutors and their teaching days are:

  • Monday: Brass, bass guitar and guitar with Mr. Jim Nana
  • Monday: Piano with Mrs Klein
  • Tuesday: Drums with Mr Frater
  • Thursday: Voice and Choir with Mr Folau
  • Friday: Guitar with Mr Galvin

Students can check their lesson time on the noticeboard outside C7 or the daily notices through the school app and parent portal.

Any questions regarding music lessons, please contact Mrs Laumemea through email LaumemeaR@delasalle.school.nz

There will be more information during the term about joining a music group, band or choir so watch this space!

Against the Odds Founder Mr Aaron D'Souza and recipient Preston Littlechild

against the odds scholarship

Against the Odds Scholarships are $1000 each and awarded to students from a solo parent family who despite the odds they face being raised in a solo parent household, have excellent attendance at school and show diligence, courage and resilience.

The scholarships cover costs such as school fees, uniform, stationery, school camps and school trips.

Preston Littlechild in Year 11 received a Chromebook as part of the $1000 Against the Odds Scholarship he was awarded in 2020.

“Adversity and suffering are two of life’s greatest teachers. Through them we learn how we can grow”

sporting recognition

Kaha Hill 8TAM

Congratulations to Kaha Hill of 8TAM who was selected to play for the Auckland Softball U13 Boys Representative Team and who played in the Rookie Sox Classic Tournament early this month.

Lucas Vaaga 8TAM

On Saturday 6 February Lucas Vaaga participated in the 2021 Senior Athletics Auckland Track & Field Championships. At 12 years, he competed for the first time in the Under 14 age group and came second place in Shot Put and Discus - throwing PBs in both events!


Are you a young New Zealander who is passionate about the environment and keen to make a difference?

Together with the Ministry for the Environment, BLAKE (formerly Sir Peter Blake Trust) is looking for 70 Year 11-13 students from all over NZ to join them for a week-long, experiential learning adventure from 19 - 23 April 2021 and a second programme from 11 – 15 October 2021.

BLAKE Inspire delegates will work with scientists and environmental leaders to develop leadership skills and learn about environmental issues and how to take action to tackle them.

Fully-funded by MfE, delegates just need to bring their passion for the environment, commitment and energy!

Applications close Friday 26 February 2021. To apply visit BLAKE’s website

Walk a day in their shoes Join a 12-hour walk around Auckland on the Saturday 6 March to raise funds for vulnerable families in Latin America through the Catholic charity - NPH New Zealand. To find out more or donate click here

It’s easy to feel removed from the harsh reality that many children and families face around the world. So let’s Walk a day in their shoes!


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