Postpartum Normalized

The few days after birth are a blur. You're left with what feels like a wreckage of your body, unable to sit right, starving, wondering if you'll ever have sex ever again as you squirt your very tender vagina with a peri bottle. Everything leaks, your nipples, your vagina and always, your eyes. A storm of hormones renders you most days misty eyed at - simultaneously - how you got so lucky, and how is this so damn hard? Everything shifts. Your focus is now on this little being. Going to the bathroom isn't like it used to be, nothing is how it used to be.

This photo series is here to inspire you to remember to be grateful for your body. For all that it's been through. Growing a tiny human from seed, to delivering him/her earthside, to navigating the very challenging but also immensely rewarding time that is postpartum. An immense amount of gratitude is owed to all my perfect mammas that contributed to this big labor of love, it's hard to strip down to almost nothing alone, let alone in front of a perfect stranger. Together let us always remember: You don't need to 'bounce back'. Your body is perfect, even if you haven't quite fallen in love with it again, you will. And you'll evolve with it. I promise.


Meagan Elemans