HIGHLIGHTS "Together We Educate Heart, Mind and Soul."

Our schools are currently focussing on the October virtue of the Month - Thankfulness.

At Superior North Catholic District School Board we are thankful for all the opportunities we have to ensure authentic Catholic Education for all with a commitment to gospel values, in a culture of leading and learning through Integrity, Inclusion, Inquiry, Illumination and Inspiration.

"Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you." Thessalonians 5:18

Many schools have celebrated Thanksgiving Masses this month.

Some students have also been learning about a centuries-old — yet very contemporary — prayer practice traditionally called the “Examen.” It is great for both adults and children! With the children, we have been calling this making “Heart Bread” using the imagery from the book, Making Heart Bread, by Matthew, Sheila and Dennis Linn. It makes a wonderful FAMILY PRAYER practice for use at bedtime. It can take as little as 5 minutes or as long as you wish. This is how it works:

We ask ourselves and our children 3 questions:

  1. What was something that made you happy today? Take a minute to think about this and to say “Thank You” to God.
  2. What was something that made you sad today? Take a minute to think about this. Ask God to help you remember that you are loved even when things happen that you don’t like. If necessary, ask God to forgive you.
  3. What are you looking forward to tomorrow? Take a minute to think about this and ask God to help you.

Close with this prayer or a prayer in your own words: “God we thank you for what made us happy and we ask you to help us with what made us sad. God help us to know that You love us are are with us all the time. Amen.”

Just as tummy bread nourishes our bodies, heart bread nourishes our souls!

We are most Thankful for our #SNCDSB family - Trustees, Director, Superintendents, Principals, Teachers, Educational Assistants, Early Childhood Educators, Administrative Assistants, Custodians, Cleaners and Catholic Education Centre Staff. On October 21, 2019 our Superior North family joined together to recognize our staff for their years of dedication and service with our Board during our annual Celebration of Excellence.

5 Years Service

Gary Bisson, Catholic Education Centre

Kim Bennet, Holy Saviour Catholic School

Kimberly Wright, St. Edward Catholic School

Misty Scott, St. Martin Catholic School

Aloysius Coffey, Our Lady of Fatima

10 Years of Service

Katie Hara, Holy Angels Catholic School

Allison Hester, Holy Saviour Catholic School

Cassandra Foulds, St. Edward Catholic School

Mary Keyter, St. Martin Catholic School

Lynn Jankowski, Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School

15 Years of Service

Mandy Salvador, St. Martin Catholic School

Joselyne Cloutier, St. Joseph Catholic School

20 Years of Service

April Moore, Holy Angels Catholic School

Mary Pat Russell, St. Martin Catholic School

Chereyl Marino, Trustee

The Good Shepherd Award honours a person or group who models the qualities of a Good Shepherd and has made an outstanding contribution to Catholic Education through their dedication and/or devotion to the Superior North Catholic District School Board community. Any person within the Superior North Catholic District School Board community may nominate a person or group. Through the nominations received it was evident that each of them have gone above and beyond to contribute to the enhancement of Catholic education!

Congratulations to Sarah Clowes, Dorothee Desilets, Benjamin Jewiss, Laureen Kay and Susan Lemieux — our 2019 Good Shepherd Award Recipients.

Good Shepherd Award Recipients 2019

On October 21, 2019 - our #SNCDSB family gathered together for our annual Faith Development Day. It was an opportunity for our staff to reflect on their faith and ignite hope to bring back to our classrooms to inspire our students. Young people are the hope for the future and as teachers and leaders, it is our responsibility to support their dreams for a better world.

Pictured Left - Director of Education, Maria Vasanelli Pictured Right - Monsignor Stilla
For I know the plans I have for you," declared the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

At Superior North Catholic District School Board we strive to build 21st Century Technology Learners. Our goal is to mobilize learners to be innovative, creative and collaborative within a global and digital context, as they learn from authentic experiences based on their strengths, interests and diverse skills. October provided our Board with an opportunity to do just that.

During the week of October 7-11 our schools took part in various activities in their classrooms to celebrate Media Literacy Week and on October 24th we had a special presentation from Paul Davis, Social Networking Safety Educator for both our students and parents/guardians.

Media is all around us! Students at St. Joseph Catholic School created a presentation to show the many forms of media that are available to students and staff. It is important to teach our students how to properly use and manage all forms of media as 21st century learners.

St. Hilary Catholic School Hosted the 30th Annual Cross Country Run

October 17th was a beautiful day in Red Rock and a perfect day for the 30th Annual Cross Country Race hosted by St. Hilary Catholic School. This year 14 teams and 240 students participated in the 2.8 km race. Schools that attended were Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School and Notre-Dame de Fatima, Longlac; St. Joseph Catholic School Geraldton; Johnny Therriault Memorial School, Aroland; Dorion Public School; St. Edward Catholic School and George O’Neill Public School, Nipigon; Holy Angels Catholic School and Schreiber Public School, Schreiber; St. Martin Catholic School, Terrace Bay Public School and Ecole Franco-Terrace, Terrace Bay; Margaret Twomey Public School, Marathon.

St Edward Catholic School, Nipigon

The day started off with the Junior Boy’s race. Congratulations to the top 4th place finishers: Aidan Carpenter, Terrace Bay Public (12:05); Peter Guilbault, Dorion Public (12.10); Logan Nakani, Margaret Twomey (12.16) and Lukas Olson, St Joseph Catholic School (12.27). Combined team standings for the Junior Boys was St. Martin School 1st, Terrace Bay Public School 2nd, Holy Angels School 3rd and Dorion Public School 4th.

St. Martin Catholic School, Terrace Bay - Jr. Boys
Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School, Longlac

St. Hilary Catholic School sweeped the Junior Girls division with Victoria Clowes crossing the finish line 1st with a time of (12:17), 2nd Olivia Parker (12.36), 3rd Lauren Giguere(12.49). Jemma Tozer from Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School in Longlac placed 4th with a time of (13.00). Team standings for Jr. Girls was St. Hilary 1st, George O'Neill Public School 2nd, Terrace Bay Public School 3rd and St. Edward Catholic School 4th.

St. Hilary Catholic School, Red Rock - Jr. Girls

The final race of the day was the Senior Girls and Boys.

The top 4th place finishers in Senior Girls were as follows: Abby Clowes, St. Hilary Catholic School (12.02); Adele Doucet, Notre-Dame de Fatima (12.23); Madeleine Giguere, St. Hilary Catholic School (12.56); and Carsyn Todesco, St. Hilary Catholic School (13.34)

In the Senior Boys race, Daelan Burgess Marshall crossed the finish line first with a time of 10:45, followed by 2nd Bryce Semple, Dorion Public School at 11:20, Jack Barber placed 3rd at 11:38 and Kayo Lake from Margaret Twomey placed 4th at 11.56.

One recipient from each school was recognized to receive the Gyven Boudreau Dedication to and Love of Running Award. Recipients from Superior North Catholic District School Board were:

  • Giorgio Figliomeni, Holy Angels
  • Jillian Waite, St. Martin
  • Cohen Traintinger, St. Edward
  • Samuel Larouche, Our Lady of Fatima
  • Lukas Olson, St. Joseph

Thank you to all of our volunteers for making this such a great day! Thank you to our wonderful sponsors as it was your generosity that enabled us to purchase medals for all of our finishers and some really cool prizes!

Thank you to all of the coaches. A special thank you to all of the participants - stay healthy and continue to embrace an active lifestyle!

First Lego League Ontario Visits SNCDSB

Peggy Scott from First Lego League Ontario visited Superior North Catholic District School Board (SNCDSB) from September 30 - October 4. Peggy and Sarah Clowes, SNCDSB Technology Enabled Learning Teacher Contact, visited St. Edward Catholic School, St. Hilary Catholic School, St. Joseph Catholic School and Holy Angels Catholic School and worked with 15 educators and students from Grade 2 - Grade 8.

Students learnt how to code using WeDo 2.0, EV3 Mindstorm and using Lego to create simple machines. Some coding highlights included using the robots to follow a black line, using a switch and loop coding block to repeat the pattern.

Students constructed the robots and used the ultrasonic sensor and light sensor. They discussed the real-world application of this technology can be related to autonomous cars and how engineers, mechanics and computer scientists use these skills in their vocations. Students explored gears and movement to make different pieces of robots turn. Lego makerspaces were created in participating schools to support students' creativity.

Students were able to create motorized, motion sensored race cars that were programmed by their computers. They explored and experimented with different size tires and different gears to determine the effects of both. The students were highly engaged and interested in all aspects of the build.

Indigenous Education - What’s going on in the classrooms this month?

Making Bannock at St. Joseph Catholic School in Geraldton

We are proud of our students and the responsible Global Citizens they are becoming. A global citizen is someone who is aware of and understands the wider world - and their place in it.

St. Brigid Catholic School, Nakina

Many of our schools spent the month of October in authentic and hands-on learning about Canada’s system of government and the importance of doing their civic duty by participating in CIVIX Canada’s Student Vote program. The students had the chance to hear party platforms directly from their leaders and candidates as well as to visit and tour the local polling station before casting their own ballots in a simulated election.

St. Edward Catholic School, Nipigon
Holy Angels Catholic School, Schreiber

Congratulations to the #ChangeMakers at St. Martin Catholic School! The staff and students have been busy raising money for Cancer Research!

Great job done by all the students who raised money for the Run for the Cure. Mr. Mauro ran a 5km race on October 6th to raise money to find a cure for breast cancer and the students were busy organizing fundraising events. If the students raised $500, Mr. Mauro agreed to let one of the students give him a haircut!

One of the school's fundraising efforts was to sell “Pie in the Face” tickets. During the First Friday Assembly, 10 lucky tickets were drawn and the winners got to pick someone to get a pie in their face! What a fun afternoon the students had while raising money for such an important cause!

After raising over $560, students and staff watched Nick give Mr. Mauro a fancy new do on October 7th! Thanks to Michael John for coaching Nick through the steps!

We would like to thank everyone who supported our fundraising efforts to support Mr. Mauro and Ms. Denelle Fischer-Mauro’s Run for the Cure campaign.

Also during the assembly, the students who attended WE Day in Toronto in September gave an informative presentation on just what WE Day is and all the exciting opportunities they had while in Toronto. For more information about WE DAY visit www.we.org

The students will continue to make a difference by organizing upcoming events such as WE Scare Hunger, WE are Silent and WE Walk for Water. Inspired by one of the speakers at WE Day, the team at St. Martin School will be collecting used batteries. Each year, hundreds of thousands of children die due to complications associated with zinc deficiency. One AA battery contains the same amount of zinc that can save the lives of six children. The students will bring the used batteries collected to a collection depot and log all the batteries they recycle on www.zincsaveslives.com. For every battery recycled, Teck will donate the equivalent value of the zinc recycled to WE in support of their zinc and health program in WE villages in Kenya.

We are thankful!

We want to express our gratitude for everyone who makes it possible for as many students as possible to come to school every day, on time, ready to learn. We thank:

  • Our students and families for making daily attendance a priority since they know the habit of attendance will help them do well in the classroom and eventually in a job.
  • Our wonderful teachers who pour their energy into making each classroom an exciting place for exploration and knowledge so children do not want to miss out on learning
  • Our support staff and community volunteers who provide the extra hand and attention our children need

We appreciate each one of you so much. We especially appreciate everyone's effort to avoid taking extra days off during the Thanksgiving holiday. Just a few missed days here and there, even if they’re excused absences, can add up to much lost learning time and leave your child behind in school.

Did you know?

Did you know that if your child is absent from school for a Cultural Event they can be marked as a General Absence “G” instead of Absent “A”? This is beneficial because a General Absence “G” does not actually count as an absence.

At SNCDSB we recognize that too many days missed can have a negative impact on a child’s academic success however we also encourage participation in Cultural Days as they are an important part of a child’s identity and are an excellent opportunity for learning.

Given the undefined nature of “Cultural Days”, determining what is considered a cultural day is at the discretion of the board. At SNCDSB we acknowledge that a Cultural Day can be any community based or land based activity.

Some examples may include:

  • Cultural Camp
  • Youth Gathering
  • National Indigenous People’s Day/Louis Riel Day(Metis)/Indigenous Veterans Day/Powley Day (Metis)
  • Language Class
  • Pow Wow
  • Fall/Winter/Spring Gatherings
  • Harvesting/Hunting/Fishing/Trapping
  • Ceremonies (E.g. Cedar bath, sweat lodge, naming ceremony, etc.)

We encourage you to contact your school via telephone or text before 9:00am to let your Principal or Administration staff know the specific reason your child will be away so the absence can be recorded appropriately. You may also notify the school of any planned cultural day absences in advance and request any missed homework to reduce the chances of your child falling behind.

Our Attendance Incentive Program at Our Lady of Fatima was a huge success. This month’s incentive was a pancake lunch put on for the students who missed 2 days or less of school in the month of September. We are very excited to announce that 52 students were invited to the event. October’s incentive is a fun Movie Day. Each month students have an opportunity to improve their attendance to 2 absences or less and be invited to the activities.

Diligently making pancakes to celebrate the regular attendance of students at Our Lady of Fatima.

"Together We Educate Heart, Mind and Soul."