Store-a-Seat Increasing car storage one seat at a time

The business will be a car business that creates car seats where the cushions will fold up. It is created to help keep belongings safe in a car without having to cover it with a blanket or put those belongings in the back of the car.

The product I will be providing is a car that features fold up car seat cushions. When lifted, a secret compartment will be available to store belongings safely when in a store or shop.

The competition is: Toyota, Subaru, Nissan, Chrysler, Mercedes, Jeep ,KIA, BMW. However, they don't have folding-up seat cushions.

People who don’t want their car to be broken into will buy the car. Also, car owners that fear for their safety and the belongings in it.

The business will be located near a main road or highway. The business will also be near other competitors.

The business can attract customers by making a TV commercial for the newly-designed cars and a magazine ad.

The car will be around $25,000

In the future, many people will continue to buy the cars. Also, I could start selling just the car seats that open instead of making the car.

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