Elements and Principles of Design Chris Pennington

Principles of Designs

Alignment is when you line the shapes up with each other to create a sharper design. The dashed lines in this adidas logo are aligned with each other because the bottom of the shapes are lined up with each other.
Items with closer spacing/proximity signifies that the items are connected or have a relationship to each other. This is an example of proximity because the BR in Baskin Robins logo has a hidden 31 which represents their 31 different flavors. The number is in close proximity with each other because they are related, just like the B and the R are close to each other because they are also related.
Contrast is the arrangement of opposite elements. This McDonalds ad is an example of contrast because yellow and red are opposite colors and they contrast each other.
Repetition is the act of repeating some aspect of the design throughout the entire thing. This is an example of repetition because the dancing people are repeated over and over again.

Elements of Design

Lines are used to separate, organize, emphasize, provide a framework, or lead to a part of a design. They also create patterns, texture, and mood in a design.T his logo of bank of america is a good example of the line element of design because it is made up of lines, representing the american flag.
Colors can give off warm and cool feelings. This slushie logo is and example of the color element of design because the color blue gives off a cold feeling, which slushies are.
Textures are associated with the way things feel or look. You can see and feel the wood texture in this strange vaseline ad
A shape is a two dimensional area confined by an actual line or implied line. This 2012 Olympics logo uses circles, a type of shape
Size is how large or small something is. The Coca Cola bottle and its condensation are enlarged for this ad to demonstrate the drink's cool thirst quenching taste.
Space can either refer to the positive, filled, space or the negative, empty, space. In the apple logo, the black apple would be the positive space and the white background would be the negative space.
Value is basically the same thing as tone, the lightness or darkness of an object. This Coca Cola logo has many different values of red

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