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Kuala lumpur

Malaysia has many architectures, such as a tea farms approximately everywhere. kuala lumpur has many cities in it and it divided to tow countries cleaved in half by the South China Sea, Malaysia have a Chi-ut islands, and it includes a different zoo’s all over the country, by entering the Malaysian island you’re going to see the different sea activity their, kuala lumpur has the most famous building in Malaysia it called twin tower, and it has that units on its pocket of ethnicities, reigns and landscape their food is between Chinese Malay-Indian-Chinese buffets they have too many food styes in their country and this may help the traveler to spend their most time their.

Jewel of Kedah


Langkawi's pure wide beaches with a glorious clear water that attract the tourist, with the ancient rainforest right to the shore, while the green trees cover every corner in the island. Langkawi Island was given a World Geopark status by UNESCO. There are two islands the Southern islands with a huge population of tourist and the north east which is scheduled with a less tourist.

From my experience on the skydiving
Horse riding in Langkawi
By my experience Malaysia is the most beautiful country i went to even Langkawi island is like a paradise you don't want to stop looking at it I wish i could travel to this country to many times I recommended people who want to have a rest go to Malaysia and try the beautiful different islands and more of the different paces.
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