America! The Story of a young country.

In 1492 Colombus sailed the Atlantic Ocean to try to find new land and gold he ended up finding what is now the carribean. This is how America was discovered and led to the British settling on this new land.

In Fifteen eighty-five Sir Raleigh crossed the Atlantic Ocean to find that the first colony of the United States Roanoke gone! With all the buildings taken down neatly. This is a mystery is yet to be solved. This led to curiousity which would eventually fuel the fire for more expeditions!

The First Permanent Colony of the united states was the colony of Jamestown on the Chesepeake Bay in 1607 this was also called Americas first Boom town with people coming to get rich on the farm land. This led to many many millions of Europeans moving here to become rich!
In 1775 the revolutionary war began in Concord Massachusets, because the British were searching for a supply of American weapons stored there! This is what led to America becoming an independent country!

On July 4th 1776 the second conntinental congress met to declare independence from Great Britan, and an independent America!

In 1783 signed the treaty of Paris which made United States of America an official country!
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