Sexism By: Umama Karim

Sex is used to give an erotic appeal to a certain product and attract attention towards it.
Table of Contacts: Page 1: Gang Rape Page 2: Seduction Page 3: Lynx Sexist Ad Page 4: Children T-shirt Ad Page 5: Mens Cologne Ad Page 6: Carls Jr Burger Page 7: Page Report!
Elite designers advertise their product with models acting in scene which displays gang rape.

Gang Rape: In these types of photos we see the men dominating women in sexual positions. Unlike certain ads where there is only one man present, these advertisements promote a gang sexually assaulting the women. The men have desire and lustful emotions on their faces as they gaze down at the girl, who portrays a longing look as she is pinned down to the ground by her wrists. These advertisements enforce women to be weak and easy to grab for sexual needs. It gives society a message that men and women only have one relationship, and that women always stand to be inferior than men. The women are immobilized and subjected to the men’s will. It promotes violence against the women and alienates them to be a sex toy only; proven with the three other men standing in the back of the pictures, waiting to have their turn with the girls. These advertisements continuously promote women in a degrading manner and shows them to be something they are not, which pushes the message in societies mind and results them to view women differently. Also, in these pictures the women are not treated nicely by the men. There is no hand holding or caress of their body; instead the women are held towards the ground and their hair is pulled as the other boys look down. It gives men the dominant role and shows it to be okay for them to control women.

The women is shown to be a seductress, stating her Calvin's help her lure someone for pleasure.

Seduction: The two captions in the advertisement contrast with one another as they depict different meanings towards men and women characters. The women sits with her legs revealed and slightly spread open stating that her Calvins help her seduce. On the other side, the man just poses for the camera stating that he makes money in his Calvins. This difference indulges in the stereotypes already set out towards men and women. It agrees with women being seductive and using their sexuality to their advantage; also, that women are not capable of anything else, like making money, something similar to men. Advertisement like these make society view women as nothing but sexual pleasers, living to satisfy men. It shows them to be incapable of achieving high success or doing something of high power. Whereas, in advertisements men are not mostly sexualized, they are seen normally in a dominant role or success where they make money. In addition, women are used to reveal their skin and use their body to sell the product; however, men can be fully clothed which markets the item just as well.

Tells men to be clean or else women will not have sex with them.

Lynx Sexist Ad: This sexist advertisement shows men being smelly but needing to clean themselves, especially their sexual parts, because no one is interested in them, meaning women will not be attracted to them. Among other advertisements, this one too makes women seem very lustful and easily attracted to men. This ad openly, with big bold letters, instructs the men to smell good and be clean, which will make them attracted to women regardless. The women stands to the side with authority over the slogan “because no one likes dirty balls” making her seem sexually dominant to have the men be clean and showing that its her ordering the guy. This helps sell the product because then men would believe to get woman’s attention if they use Lynx and smell good. The athletic wear adds to the stereotype stating how women are only interested in men that play sports. This advertisement enforces to society that sexually using women will attract men to the product and surely have them buy it. It keeps the stereotypes upfront and isolates women into one category. This leads to men treating women in this manner, by approaching them and thinking it to be easy to get them into bed.

Are woman not good at math?

Children's T-shirt: Although this is not a direct advertisement, its still important to incorporate into the scrapbook because the designs of a shirt advertise the product too; with the cool logos or messages on the shirts. This shirt is sold in stores and worn by little girls, although the design is cute for a 7-year-old girl, it contains a sexist message that impacts girls badly. It states that the little girls best subject is shopping, music and dancing. The math box is left uncheck stating that women do not have a wide knowledge and cannot succeed with complicated subjects. The simple words on the shirt show that women only know how to buy products in stores or listen and dance along to music; aside from those qualities women do not have much use to succeed. On the bottom in small letters it is stated "Well nobody's perfect". That message signifies that women have no intellect but its just a fact boys should overlook because no one is perfect. It enforces the wrong message to little girls who wish to become a big leader and be at the same level as men. The stereotypes of women being inferior is stretched on with clothing messages like this shirt that stop girls and confuse them with what they are capable of doing. Also, it freshens societies mind with the fact of women being in capable of becoming leaders, which puts a barrier for women when they wish to succeed. This sexist message changes the thoughts people have towards women and put a barrier in their success because they are put into an inferior category from men.

Video 1: Video 2:

Senseless women: These two advertisements have a man stating to the audience that he isn’t really a man but because he smells like the product being sold, Old Spice, he gets women from the great smell. The women are shown to be sexual towards the guy, dreamily acting towards him and initiating a sexual relationship. This shows that women are senseless when it comes to their relationship with men, and they will make sexual contact with anyone that smells good like the product, even if it isn’t a real man. This wrongful ad enforces to society that women have no care towards what kind of men they are with, that it does not matter what qualities the guy has as long as he smells good or looks good she will sleep with him. This ad makes society think that women are easy to have sex with and would not care about real characteristics in the man or relationship. For men, this ad shows that smelling great will make them attractive to women and the character in the ad aids the viewers how to get women. Its humiliating for women and embarrassing because it isn’t the real quality women contain. It wipes the true qualities of how some women are interested in relationship, and work towards one without just thinking of sex.

Carl Jr Burger advertisements uses women sexually to sell their product Video:

Sexualized Women: Carl Jr advertisements are known to show women in sexual outfits eating their burger. Multiple ads have no sense related to the product, and are not realistic to how burgers are eaten. This burger advertisement has a woman in a bikini walking around and eating the burger in a sexual action. Her body is used sexually to attract to the product as she desirably looks towards the food item. This is a sexist advertisement because it uses women as a sexual marketer to sell the product. Irrelevant to the product, the camera is zoomed into her butt as she walks around. She pauses in sexual poses that reveal her body, when leaning for fries in the bag. Her body is arched, with cleavage revealed on the side, as she takes a bite from the burger. The action looks as if the burger physically arouses her. The end of the ad attracts her to the guy, which also shows his attraction to the burger. This becomes sexist becomes it makes society view women as sexual users. This ad objectifies woman because in need for the product to sell the women is required to take her top off and lay face down to eat the burger. In reality, women don’t strip their clothes off on the beach to eat a burger, or sexually bend over to get fries out of the bag. It shows that women cannot be civil, fully clothed, and be sitting at the dinner table to enjoy the meal. It’s a disgusting ad towards women and sadly it isn’t the only one.

In society, multiple women are objectified and their body is sexually used to sell products in media. If we look around, most advertisements have women in revealing clothes either to seduce men or draw attraction. In clothing advertisements, men would be fully clothed but the focus would be drawn to their jeans since that is the product being sold. Women however, would be topless, even though the jeans are the product, and the attraction would be drawn to their bare upper body. The sexual look given towards women is not needed to sell the items. Why do women have to strip their clothes to sell an edible product like a burger? The burger would easily sell if she’s dressed in a civil manner and discussing about its greatness. In addition, women are treated to be stupid when it comes to knowledge or their choice in men. They are shown to throw themselves at men if they smell good or have good looks; or they call women gold diggers because she’s with a man who has money. These incorporations in media result in society thinking women to be this way. Men begin to catcall towards women, thinking it to be easy to get them into bed and overlook giving respect to them and their body. Women are seen to have no knowledge towards business or any high-status job. If we look at the president elections, Hilary Clinton lost to a man who has no respect towards woman, all because society is afraid to give women a chance to be in control. They are constantly viewed in one category, the sexual toys with no knowledge, and not given a chance for the good qualities they contain. During interviews a woman could have great qualifications for the job, but the top question asked is if she is planning on being pregnant anytime soon, because the workers do not want to compromise time to give her maternity leave. Therefore, she is lowered in the hiring process and the job is given to a man who may have lower qualifications. Society has high expectations from woman with the task they complete; it seems as if they are still seen to be housewives only. With purchasing items, certain states have women products to be more expensive than men. Women could be buying the same product, example being a razor, but since their color is different, to make it more feminine, the product costs more than what men pay for. Women are judged, objectified, and separated into one category with barriers that block them to success. These issues still exist in the world and stop woman who wish to work from getting a dominant role in society, similar to men. Also, it gives little girls the wrong message and confuses them of their abilities. Sexism strengthens with the messages media sends through about women, it changes societies view and results in barriers to be created for women in workplaces and their social life. Women work hard in this world to gain success and be an equal towards men, rather than someone inferior, in societies eyes. It’s unfair treatment and requires tough work from women to make others understand, when it shouldn’t be this way. Looking back at history, woman have made major breakthroughs and gained proper rights, but the discrimination still exists, causing problem and competition between men and women.

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