Appreciating my school bishan park secondary By terence and jun yue

This is my school library where majority of the students study after school.i appreciate this place because this place is where I study when there's ct,SA1,SA2 this place is really relaxing and comfortable.
This is the school judo dojo where all the judoka come to practice and even some ex seniors come back since this is the last year of BPSS. I appreciate this CCA because it really helped me in leadership and judo made me stronger there's a code In judo which is "all for one and one for all"
This is the school counselor. She's always helping students who are troubled with e.g family trouble,smoking, regular absentee.i really appreciate her the most because she helped me with the edusave character award which was $500 dollar I really wan to thank her but i don't know how to show it to her.
Teaching in progress

We appreciate our teachers because,they spend time with us to teach a Important lesson and they will are preparing us for the future.and will stay back with us after school to teach us a topic which we don't really understand sometime we can even text them on how to do a certain question.

As you can see this is our school soccer field where the sec 4 inter class game will be held we really appreciate this place because BPSS was also know for its soccer team in the past and sometimes my group of friends will ask a pe teacher for the key to the gate to play soccer.

We appreciate our school students as they have self-discipline and are always concentrate while doing their work they make the Class lively as they make jokes and do funny things but they're all good classmates

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