Take a Journey With Ganhdi By: Elizabeth Vazquez

Mohandas Gandhi


Gandhi's philosophy was an act of nonviolence was required so that everyone was being truthful. (Gandhi, Arun). He thought that the only way that the Indians could have independence was to have the people be passive aggressive.

Salt march: a quote that Gandhi said was “I regard this tax to be the most iniquitous of all from the poor man’s standpoint. As the independence movement is essentially for the poorest in the land, the beginning will be made with this evil.” ("Mohandas Gandhi Leads the Salt March).

Gandhi and his seventy-nine members of Satyagraha Ashram walked a 241-mile march from Ahmedabad to the coastal town of Dandi. (Mohandas Gandhi Leads the Salt March). The reason why he did the salt march was to gain attention and a form of passive resistance to gain independence from Britain. Another reason why he did the salt march was so the Indians didn't have to pay the high taxes to Britain.

Home spun act

The home spun act started out by the Indians burning the clothing that they were forced to buy from the British. The Indians started to spin there own cloth and decided to only wear the clothing they made. Gandhi wanted to go back to the ways before Britain took over India. (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2156064/).

India's flag

The reasons why Britain agreed to give India their independence was because they had to many other things to worry about after the end of world war II.



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