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My name is LeeAnna Pate. I am from a small town in South Carolina called Pageland, where the population is 2,760. I was born on December 27th, 1997. I am majoring in Animal and Veterinarian Sciences at Clemson with a concentration in pre-veteterinarian medicine.

My goal professionally has always been to become a veterinarian since I was very young. I have always wanted to attend Clemson, and now I am. My main goal in life though, is to have a job that I love and a reasonably happy family.

In my high school career I was section leader of my marching band for two years in a row and I was the vice-president of our Honor Music Society (Tri-M). I graduated 8th in my class and received the life scholarship. I have also come to one of the best colleges in the country, which is quite an accomplishment. Recently I won champion overall in my species in my class for Little North American Livestock Exhibition.

My definition of happiness is always laughing. Laughter is the best and happiest thing that I can think of. Being loved and loving someone also brings me happiness.

I chose to attend Clemson because it has the best program for my major. We are always surrounded by animals and have the opportunity to work with them as much as we would like to. I have also wanted to come to Clemson since I was in middle school.

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