Henry Ford By ross stone

Name: Henry Ford

Date of Birth and Death: July 30, 1863- April 7 1947

Nationality: Henry is American

Why is Henry Ford an Entrepreneur? Henry Ford was an Entrepreneur because, when he founded Ford Motor Co. 'Horseless Carriages' were only for the very wealthy. He was one of the first people to make affordable and reliable automobiles for the masses.

What behaviors did Ford display to be an Entrepreneur: Henry Ford's behaviors that displayed him as an entrepreneur were his ideas of how he could revolutionize automobiles and how, even when the company wasn't working out at the beginning he never gave up. He also hatched a plan on how to make the construction of cars quicker and cheaper so the cars themselves could be cheaper. He made a factory and hired workers and soon was making a comfortable profit. Also, instead of making luxury automobiles for the rich, he had a dream for an automobile that everyone could afford.

Skills that Henry Ford had:

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