Tavishee Exhibition Journal

This is Tuning In to our Exhibition Unit! We were told to pick up expression- themed pictures and sort them through three topics, similar to Lines of Inquiry. I think that we just sorted them randomly without giving much thought. But then when we took a good, close look at where we put the pictures and understood where we went wrong. There are more than just three strands of creativity- there are infinite!
This is my T-shirt design. I used some pictures from Google, rotated them, collided them and put it all together using Keynote! The slogans relate directly to creativity and expression. The pictures in the front- such as the dancer, microphone, books and sports represents how we express ourselves. The earth shows that this whole theme isn't just "school stuff"- but is shown worldwide- whatever we do!
The one attitude that I would use to describe our group is INDEPENDENT. We divide ourselves individually to do certain tasks, and we stay committed to them most of the time. I say "most of the time" because some of us waste our exhibition block on playing games and looking up unnecessary things.


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Tavishee Banerjee

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