Early College Notes December 1, 2019

Extra Jackson College Advising Hours

JC Navigator to JPEC, Chris Kimball is adding extra hours for JPEC students, beginning this week. In addition to his normal Thursday afternoons (1-3 PM), he'll be at JPEC on Tuesdays, from 2-4 PM. If you haven't registered for the Winter term, you are at risk of missing out on seats in sections that might best fit your schedule.

If you need to make college schedule adjustments outside of these times, Chris Kimball can be scheduled with by following this link: www.jccmi.edu/chris

Turkey Bowl Raffle - It's Happening!

Even without the event, we want parents and students to have an opportunity to take home an extra pile of goodies this holiday season. We have 3 baskets to raffle off: Basket 1: Family Night; Basket 2: Chocolate; and Basket 3: Winter Comfort/Spa Night. Tickets will be sold at the EIC (College Preparatory Building) main office. Students, staff, and families may purchase tickets during normal business hours. Tickets will be on sale Dec 2 - 13th. Drawing will be done at 12 pm on Dec 16th and winners notified, so they can pick up by 4 pm on Dec 19th before the break. There's nothing perishable in the baskets, if you don't make it and it will be held until school starts again in January. Proceeds from the raffle sales will go towards a pizza lunch for CP3 and EC3 to be scheduled in January for winning the raffle donation contents. All additional proceeds will go towards funding the 6th grade camp trip. $1/ ticket or $5/ 6 tickets.

JPEC Winter Concert!

Parent Engagement Opportunities this Week!

JPEC Journalism at MSU

Congrats to Journalism students who were recipients of the MSU Knight Center for Environmental Journalism Grant that resulted in their project, "Earnestly Investing in Earth." They presented their project at MSU Monday, November 5 at MSU and participated in a Campus Tour of the National Superconductor Cyclotron Lab (Ranked #3 in the world) and the Broadcast Journalism News Room and Video Game Design Lab.

PSAT 10 and SAT Success at JPEC

Hard work pays off and JPEC students are proving that. In this spring's tests, JPEC students earned the highest PSAT 10 and SAT scores. We're so excited for our students' success and for where it will lead in the future.

Community Service and Job Shadowing Requirements

Earlier this year the community service and job shadowing requirements were changed, based on the difficulty of students finding shadowing opportunities locally. The new requirements reflect those that are required for the awarding of the Michigan Early & Middle College Association Certificate of 70 hours combined of community service and/or job shadowing. Job shadowing can include career center participation, apprenticeships, and paid positions. Service hours do not have to occur at only one institution.

Parent Schoology Log-Ins

Log-ins for parents were mailed to parents. If you're having difficulty using your code to sign up, please see the instructions on this page for more assistance: https://support.schoology.com/hc/en-us/articles/201000823-Sign-Up-as-a-Parent

Travel Opportunities at JPEC!

Friday, December 6th: Informational Session for dual-enrolled early college students to join the 2022 tour to Edinburgh, London, and Paris

Paging the next generation of doctors, nurses, and health professionals—this tour through England and Scotland is for you. Journey back to a time when the plague was at its prime and surgery doubled as entertainment as you explore the underground streets of Edinburgh and try your hand at forensic sleuthing in London. Trace the innovations that shaped Britain’s modern healthcare landscape, and participate in hands-on workshops to discover how real-life medical careers operate.

Doc B will lead this 11-day tour in 2022, which is perfect for students interested in the Medical Pathway. Students earn college credit while on tour, and therefore must be dual-enrolled at the time of travel. Meet in room 158 on Friday, December 6th from 8:00-8:45 am for more information.

Have a great week!

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