Good Life Tour of the Harn BAILEy wingate

One piece of artwork that really stood out to me was "Old Man's Cloth" created by El Anatsui. From afar the piece looks like a big tapestry with movement, but up close you can see that the medium used is actually copper and aluminum. For El Anatsui, this piece represented something that was a part of his Ghanaian culture which adds to it's beauty. I also like the fact the it was made to look like something that would be soft and flexible but it's made of things that are hard rigid. It makes me really appreciate just how much work must have went into this piece.

At the Harn, there was a wing dedicated to African art that I really enjoyed. It had a mixture of photographs, sculptures, and masks. I feel that this wing impacted me the most because of it's cultural aspects. I learned about different rituals and ceremonies that certain masks and attire were used for. Many of these occasions were religious or some type of coming-of-age event. I believe that the mixture of different kinds of art and the different colors (some vibrant and others subdued) helped to add to the experience of the African art wing.

A piece of art that I feel speaks to a core value of mine is an untitled photograph by Carrie Mae Weems that shows a black mother and daughter applying makeup at a dining room table. This photograph touches me because mother-daughter bonds are very special to me. I feel that my own mother has taught me so many things about what it is to be a good person and a black woman. Looking at this picture makes me smile and makes me excited to be a mother in the future.

This piece by Marilyn Minter is called "Prism". I believe that it relates the Good LIfe theme of beauty because it a piece that represents the strive for perfection that many women feel is necessary. This work is supposed to show that women are idealized and it can remind us that there is not just one type beauty. The Good Life should not be based on an unrealistic expectation of what a woman should be.

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