America is..... BROKEN

Evidence #1 Police Brutality (1833-Present):

Photo taken by neighbor recording the murder of Noel Aguilar.

Since the word's first use in 1833, Police Brutality in America has been a rising issue. From cases to Sean Bell whom was murdered on his wedding day, Sandra Bland who was dead in her mugshot, and Noel Aguilar who had a gun planted on him after being shot in the back multiple times, innocent people have been continuously murdered. Tear gas and fatalities being the results of peaceful protests have shattered the image of America's criminal justice forces. Citizens are so worried for the future of their children they teach them what to say and do when encountering a police officer in case of an unfortunate turn because they don't know how to react. About 1,092 people were killed by the police in 2016 (Calacal). There has always been an uprising number of people killed by the police—especially among people of color—and percentages rise throughout the years.

Visual of how many people were killed by the police in the first seven months of 2016.
People killed by the police Race and Ethnicity per million.

Evidence #2 Jim Crow Laws (1896-1964)

Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) is considered the mark of the Jim Crow era. The laws enforced after the trial that fully enforced segregation and the "separate, but equal" are a 58 year period of racism, segregation, and unconstitutional acts. Even before the Jim Crow laws were put into action, African Americans had faced severe cases of racism due to their past ancestors involving slavery.

within the years African Americas endured inhumane treatment, they were publicly humiliated and even brutally lynched. A well know example of this is the murder of Emmett Till whom was lynched for being acussed of cat-calling a white woman in a store. He was murdered and found in a river so badly mutilated, they could barely even recognize him. It was later proven that he did not even cat-call at the woman and she had lied about the whole incident.

Pictured above is Emmett Till who was only 14 when he was murdered.

Incidences like these had been in place for years until 1964 when President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It outlawed discrimination in public areas. The following year, The Voting Right Act of 1965 passed, giving African Americas the right to vote.

Evidence #3 Colonization and Massacres of Native Americans (1492-1886)

Ever since the very beginning from when Columbus landed in America to the last Native American warrior named Geronimo surrendering, Native Americans have had their land stripped from them massacres in their tribes. In 1492, Columbus sailed to America and thus began the colonization of the land. As colonies grew from the ground in many different areas, it brought down the tribes and their homeland. Native Americans fought for hundreds of years trying to protect their homes from foreigners but faced brutal murders, diseases, and mostly unsuccessful battles. Some claimed victory, but were challenged after some years, ending in a loss of land. Notorious battles were King Phillip's War, Pueblo Revolt, Battle of Tippecanoe, and Apache Wars. Geronimo was involved in the Apache Wars and surrendered September 4th, 1886.

Pictured above is Geronimo, the Apache Warrior.


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Visual Representation

Front representing a city and different terms (broken, beaten, etc) within the city.
First example of Police Brutality
Second example of Jim Crow Laws
Third example of Native American massacres
excerpts going into depth of culture and a mirror in the center followed by a question for observer.

This visual for the "America is Broken" statement demonstrates every historical evidences listed above. Within the visual, lyrics that include rhymes and alliteration are present to grasp the whole ordeal of the "broken" aspects lingering within America's society. The original thoughts within the box are written to show a personal opinion on the discrimination of culture and ideas on questioning the way America has been molded and continue to decay.

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