Skyrocket Your Success! By: QUEASHAR L. HALLIBURTON

Learn to overcome self-sabotaging behaviors so you can reign in purpose!

Everybody has growing pains, but most people only highlight the good times. Don't feel bad if you think your journey to success isn't immediate! It takes time, hard work and dedication to make it to the top. Be patient and continue to work hard and your time will come. In my new book,"Skyrocket Your Success", I will discuss how identifying your unique purpose will help you focus on your success and deter you from comparing and secretly competing with others.

Skyrocket Your Success will help professional women identify and acknowledge self-sabotaging behaviors standing in the way of achieving optimal success. This book provides 10 tips to increase your success factor and start living your best life today!

You will learn:

• How to unapologetically create your own personal definition of success

• How focusing on your unique journey to success will deter you from comparing yourself and secretly competing with others

• The distinguishing habits and mindset of successful people versus unsuccessful people

• How to identify and overcome self-sabotaging behaviors so you can reign in your purpose

• How to create and map out your strategic plan to increase your success potential by working with your skills

Skyrocket Your Success will set a new standard of success and help professional women worldwide own their gifts and unlock their hidden personal power to achieve success!

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*$20 for Paperback: (Includes Shipping & Handling)

About the Author

Author Queashar L. Halliburton

After 22 years in Corporate America—working in every field from education, insurance and real estate, to construction, sales and public relations—Queashar knew it was time for a shift. Blazing the trail for many, she founded Queashar Detroit Publishing in 2017, where she doesn’t just seek to build a database of clientele. Educating them about the publishing process, marketing, building an author platform and more, she takes the time to go above and beyond the services other small publishers offer. Whereas many publishers focus on the end product, Queashar is committed to client education and great customer service—what many would consider to be a lost art. And her feature in a segment called “Sidewalk Talk” on The Splash, Greater West Bloomfield's News Magazine show, was just the beginning of many open doors.

Her love for authorpreneurs and entrepreneurs alike led the way for her to be a featured guest on numerous podcasts, including The Authors Podcast with Coach Robyn Robbins, the She Leads Podcast with Nicole Walker, and the Godlywood Girl TV YouTube Show with Stephanie Rodnez, CEO of Godlywood Girl. In addition to serving as a faithful member of the Nonfiction Authors Association, Queashar is also a member of the Advance Magazine Contributor Network, where her content will be featured throughout 2019 and beyond.

When she’s not birthing bestselling authors, she’s working to pen her next literary masterpiece. Currently working on two books simultaneously centered around success, Queashar is also working on an eBook and workbook centered around procrastination. In the future, she will host podcasts that will highlight tips on self-publishing, marketing and more for authors. Her versatility and broad range of knowledge from working in various industries sets her above competitors, causing many of her clients to become repeat customers.

For more information, email hello@sharhalliburton.com or visit www.sharhalliburton.com.

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Shar Halliburton

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