GlenwoodTimes #4 - June 2018

Headmaster's Message

The vast majority of our parents are helpful and supportive of the teachers to whom they have entrusted their children’s educations and our teachers are privileged to be afforded this opportunity. We are fortunate to have a school full of wonderful, talented children, all of them with diverse needs and requirements, and as a school we try our utmost to fulfil their needs as best we can. If parents cast their minds back to their first interview with me, they will remember me telling them that I am not offering them a trouble-free education – at some stage there will be bumps in the road for both the children and their parents. The school has an open door policy to deal with concerns that parents may encounter from time to time. We have a dedicated team of teachers at the school who work extremely hard and, despite achieving great success with the children in their care, they do also sometimes make mistakes.

I am of the opinion that it was much easier to be a child when I was young, but I also know for sure that it was a lot easier to be a teacher during that time. Life has become extremely complex as our society is confronted by the demands of the 21st Century. We are having to deal with depression, anxiety, financial pressures, substance abuse, child abuse, mental illness and many other social ills on an unprecedented scale.

I am sure that most parents will agree that our problems have also been compounded by the advancement of technology and the effect that it has had on our everyday lives. We as parents and teachers are all struggling to instil a sense responsibility and balance in the way in which our children use technology and, more specifically, social media. It is a major headache that we all have to deal with. We cannot bury our heads in the sand and wish it away. The problem needs to be dealt with and parents and teachers need to take hands and strategise to find a healthy balance. I have mentioned ways in which to deal with this in previous communications.

Whatsapp is a platform that has further changed the way in which we communicate. The interactive function of this platform is absolutely amazing, but also SCARY in that it lends itself to abuse. We see it at schools where it has increased the incidence of bullying quite significantly, not only by children, but also by parents. It has also been the source of acute embarrassment for many people which we have all seen or experienced at some stage.

It is, however, extremely disconcerting that some parents have taken to social media ie. Facebook and Whatsapp to communicate their disagreement with or about a teacher on a group - to which other parents and sometimes children also belong! Teachers all over the world are having to contend with angry and sometimes abusive parents. This often happens where parents have only heard one side of a story, normally that of the child, and then respond in a knee-jerk fashion only to find that this was not true. This leads to the incitement of other parents into a situation in which there are no winners. Teachers find it offensive when parents comment negatively about their competence in the classroom or post malicious slurs on a public platform. This undermines the integrity of the teachers and affects their health and well-being and confidence to do their jobs to the best of their ability.

This does not, however, exonerate my teachers from accountability and should a parent be unhappy about an issue concerning a teacher they have every right to voice their concerns. My appeal is that they follow the correct channels and be part of a positive process which will benefit all parties concerned. LET US ALL, ADULTS AND CHILDREN, ENDEAVOUR TO USE SOCIAL MEDIA RESPONSIBLY AND UPLIFT AND RESPECT THOSE WITH WHOM WE INTERACT ON ANY SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM.

Remember, not all children can be good at everything, but they are all good at a lot of things. Give your children the praise and credit they deserve when they improve and accomplish tasks and goals which were previously regarded by them (and you as parents) as being unattainable.


little glens corner

Feelings play a big part in our day at Little Glens. As the first term end ended, the staff and children at Little Glens went through many different emotions, sometimes several in a day. Firstly, it was with sadness that we had to say goodbye to Ms Tracey and Ms Danina. We wish them well as they embark on their next exciting journey. We were then overjoyed at the generosity of our parents and children as we collected several bags full of shoes, to hand over to Kidstop, while celebrating the end of the term with Crazy Shoe day. Excitement was in the air as the new term started, as we welcomed Ms Rene Moolman to the Zebra Class, and Ms Kirsten Theron to the Leopard Class. We hope that they will settle in quickly and soon feel part of our family. A further welcome is extended to our new families who joined this term: Tyler van Jaarsveld, Pierre Beneke, Joshua Brewer as well as CJ Pieters. This term will be a busy one, and we are looking forward to catching our breath over the long weekend, before we run full steam ahead!

interschools sport day

Little Glens staff at the Interschools Sports Day.

welcoming new staff

The children are having lots of fun with two newest members of staff, Ms Rene (Zebra) and Ms Kirsten (Leopard).

Pool Noodle Fun

Lots of water fun with the pool noodle funnels and boats made by the Grade 000s during their water theme.

a day at little glens

Fun and smiles and good times are all part of a day at Little Glens.

preparatory bulletin

academic achievers

Following the issuing of Cycle One reports, we would like to congratulate the following learners on their achievements:

TOP 10

GRADE 4: 1. Olivia Farrell, 2. Ian Vermaak, 3. Charl Lamprecht, 4. Kasia Jamneck, 5. Morgan Winson-Lagerwey, 6. Ruben Gouws, 7. Kristen Grant, 8. Kyla Hamilton, 9. Azura-Nikayla Manitsas, 10. Joshua Vermaak

(Front, from left to right) Olivia Farrell, Ian Vermaak, Charl Lamprecht, Kasia Jamnek, Morgan Winson-Lagerwey, Ruben Gouws, Kristen Grant, Kyla Hamilton, Azura-Nikayla Manitsas, Joshua Vermaak.

GRADE 5: 1. Jasmine Furstenburg, 2. Luann Erasmus, 3. Mira Hartman, 4. Jamie Smit, 5. Bianca Vegter, 6. Claire Du Preez-Gratz, 7. Lani de Wet, 8. Clara Adrian, 9. Lomé Gouws, 10. Zac Nel

(Front, from left to right) Jasmine Furstenburg, Luann Erasmus, Mira Hartman, Jamie Smit, Bianca Vegter, Claire du Preez-Gratz, Lanie de Wet, Clara Adrian, Lomé Gouws, Zac Nel

GRADE 6: 1. Ann-Louise Coertze, 2. Samantha Bellew, 3. Carmi Lewis, 4. Leanka de Kock, 5. Joshua Coote, 6. Nické De Ridder, 7. Paige English, 8. Gabrielle Vakis, 9. Cailey Edwards, 10. Abigail Powell

(Front, from left to right) Ann-Louise Coertze, Samantha Bellew, Carmi Lewis, Leanka de Kock, Joshua Coote, Nické de Ridder, Paige English, Gabrielle Vakis, Cailey Edwards, Abigail Powell

GRADE 7: 1. Nicole Booyens, 2. Ruan Lamprecht, 3. Giséle Young, 4. AJ Janse Van Rensburg, 5. Marli Du Toit, 6. Hugo Koen, 7. Tiaan Hugo, 8. Emiel Terblanche, 9. Clara Campbell, 10. Cael Barnett

(Front, from left to right) Nicole Booyens, Ruan Lamprecht, Gisèle Young, AJ Janse Van Rensburg, Marli du Toit, Hugo Koen, Tiaan Hugo, Emiel Terblanche, Clara Campbell, Cael Barnett

Grade 7 Art meets recycling

Grade 7s have learned that it will take creative minds to help use materials in a creative way in order to recycle. The plastic in the ocean or the deforestation in the rain forest might not be reversible, but further devastation might just be preventable by young minds such as these Glenwoodians.

We are waiting in anticipation for the end result of their projects.


Glenwood House is very proud to announce that Fabian Rodrigues (Grade 1) won the Under 8 category of the Toyota Dream Car Competition. Over 11 000 entries were received from all over the country. Fabian’s vehicle is called 'Toyota Green Life Maker' – a dream car that “sucks up all the pollution, dirt and drought, as well as sadness and turns it into a clean, beautiful and green world with happy people”. Well done, Fabian! For more information please see the website article: http://www.toyota.co.za/articles/the-2018-dream-car-winners

college campus

grade 9 camp

If you are looking for a perfect holiday spot for your family, the grade 9s found one at this year’s camp. We set off from School on the Monday and were dropped off at Sedgefield’s Myoli Beach, our starting point for the hike to our camp destination, Buffalo Bay. Our campsite was set above the small holiday town, allowing for 360° views: Outenqiua Mountains in the North, Knysna Heads to the East, Gericke’s Point to the West and, of course, the Indian Ocean to the South.

The aim of the camp is to get the learners outside, socialising with one another and trying their hands at new sports and activities. This means we tried to cram in as much as activity as we could from the start. We kicked off with a 20km beach hike on the first day – each learner and teacher taking responsibility for 5 pieces of plastic they found during the hike. Day two was action-packed with volleyball, canoeing, Stand-Up Paddle Boarding and some swimming! The nights were for a bit of relaxation, but we did set aside some time for night-time navigation exercises and, of course, braai time. Thanks must go to the staff who organise the camp, supervise activities and do all the braaiing!

The camp always seems to be just what the kids need at the end of a long and busy term; it helps them (and the teachers) unwind and remember what fun they can have outdoors. It possibly makes them appreciate a soft mattress and fluffy pillows a bit more as well!

Finding real treasures

Are Crypto currencies the next big treasure? Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and others alike have seen their emergence into our social conversation in the last several months. So much has been written and published on crypto currencies and their future role in global markets. Sceptics and investors debate its merits, its real value and its future uses while closely watching these and other crypto currencies value.

Some of the best “armchair experts” easily voice opinions as spectator-authorities on the subject - enough to dissuade most adults from ever venturing in.

And then I met William Parsons, a 12 year old Grade 7 student at Glenwood house.

This Grade 7 Student just decided several months ago to do something about what he had been reading and hearing. He took the step to get into mining his very own crypto currency. When I heard about what he had done, I had to find out more.

My interview went like this…..

'Thank you for taking time to tell me about your crypto currency mining that I have heard about.' Ok (…smile like I didn’t know I had an option not to be here…) no problem.

'It’s not usual to find a 12 year old interested in this.Wwhat made you interested in Crypto currency mining?' I was not really initially interested in the actual currencies. It was the thought of building computers that got me interested. And then I discovered I could build computers that were useful themselves. Mining for crypto currencies mean that these computers I build pay for themselves.

'What do your friends think about you mining crypto currencies?' Well, some don’t really understand too much and some do, I don’t think they mind, but it’s not something I really talk about too much because it just happens, like all the time. They like it when I help them with their computers. I don’t really mind whose computer I am building, I just love building them.

'If someone asks you to explain mining, how do you explain it to them so they can understand a bit better?' Well, Mining is the payment for verifying crypto currency transactions, you using a personal computer, really just the display cards in a fairly simple computer setup. Every time your computer verifies a transaction you get paid directly into a digital wallet.

The payment is in small amounts and it is received in crypto currency. It continues day and night, seven days a week, every day of the year. I explain that I even make money while I am at school and even while I am sleeping.

If they really don’t understand, I then just say it’s me having a job that pays me but I never have to go to work or do anything.

'How difficult was it to set everything up?' Well, a year ago I build my own computer and it went really well. I realised I was interested in doing this stuff so just carried on doing it. I only built the Crypto currency mining computer when I found that the correct display cards were available right here in George.

'Do you have a nice high speed internet?' No, we just have a normal internet connection at home, it does not have to be a very high speed one.

'How did you know how to do this?' YouTube (stupid question face??)

'I mean, who showed you how to do all of this?' Really, I just watched YouTube videos, even if you don’t like reading you can just watch and listen and they show you everything you need. You can’t just watch one, you must watch a few and read the comments. My Dad also watched a few, which was important because I needed him to pay.

'Talking about paying, will it take you a whole year to recover your setup costs?' (Laughing) No.. No.. a year it just too long, it wouldn’t be worth it, I am aiming at recovering all my costs within 4 months. 5 months at the maximum depending on the value of the currency I receive payment in. The exchange rate can also have an effect.

'How does the money all work?' Well, once the setup is complete and registered to all mine crypto currencies, you start to earn. I get about R300 every day, which doesn’t sound like lots of money, but when you get that every day, every month, while going to school and doing my homework, it adds up quite nicely.

'Do you have any plans for the money you make?' Yes, I am going to build another computer and then the two can pay off the latest one, and I suppose just keep doing that. I just really love building computers and all the crypto currencies that I mine can pay for my hobby.

'Having a hobby that can pay for itself sounds like a great idea!' Yes, especially if it’s an expensive hobby and you like all the best components because they cost the most. Hopefully I will be able to build a really powerful computer.

'Your set up looks interesting, tell me about it.' Well, it’s a really simple setup. Most importantly you have to have the correct graphics cards for the currencies you plan on mining. Then a good power supply and a stable internet connection are very important. The rest is just normal computer things. We made a simple stand for the cards and it works really well.

'What would you say to others who have been talking and thinking about doing what you have done?' I think that sometimes people talk so much that they sometimes never do anything. If you want to do it then do it, you will love it.

'Thank you, William, for taking the time to give us a glimpse into a part of your world. You are a well-balanced, kind, incredible young man with a wonderful future ahead of you. Keep doing what you love.' Thank you sir, would you like me to build one for you, I can send you a quote?

After chatting with William, I realised that some might think the real treasures is the currency that he mines. It has value, but the real treasure is William, a young Glenwoodian Prefect, who is well-mannered, kind to his friends and just gets on with what he knows is important.

Everyone’s normal till you get to know them, then you realise there is a little incredible and a whole lot of awesomeness inside each one. Maybe these treasures are everywhere if we just take the time to look.

Brendan Powell – EMS & Technology, Glenwood House


Don’t Hurt Henry’s Pitch

Henry Gelderbloem is a member of the Glenwood House Ground Staff team. He is involved in maintaining our sports fields and pitches. He says his favourite part of the job is preparing the fields for sports matches. Henry works with our school rugby, cricket and hockey coaches. He enjoys mowing the fields, covering and rolling the cricket pitch, marking the lines, setting out the ball protectors, goals, flags and setting up the gazebos for seating. Henry is currently busy propagating new grass for the cricket pitch, so that it will be ready for next season. He says this is very time-consuming but rewarding work.

Henry appeals to the students to pick up their litter after watching sports fixtures, as cleaning up after the spectators is very time-consuming. He also asks that the students try not to hurt his cricket pitch by running across it. Henry is very proud of the pitch and wants it to be kept in good condition for our players.

René Moolman

Personality: René is a fun, loving and caring person. She always has a smile on her face and has a zest for life. She is gentle and kind.

Job Role: René is the Grade 0 Zebra class teacher. She nurtures and loves the children and facilitates in helping the children in her class reach their full potential.

Duration: Glenwood Pre Primary are very happy to welcome René to the Little Glens Team.

Family: René is a wonderful mom and wife. She and her husband, Andrew, have two beautiful daughters, Emily and Alice. Emily is in the Grade 000 Meerkat class and Alice is 1 year old.

Hobbies in spare time: René enjoys running, spending quality time with her family and baking.

Likes: René enjoys going to the movies, farm life, being a mom and a nice steak at a good restaurant.

Etienne Oosthuizen

Etienne joined the Glenwood staff in January 2018. He teaches Grade 6 Mathematics, as well as Gr 6 and 7 Natural Sciences, and his extra mural activities include rugby and cricket. He has fitted into the Glenwood family like a glove and is a popular and likeable teacher and colleague and a valuable member of staff.

He attended Laerskool Rynfield and Hoërskool Brandwag in Benoni and obtained a B Sc in Human Movement Studies at Stellenbosch University.

He taught at Hoërskool Franschhoek, Laerskool Bakenkop, Laerskool Wierdapark, Crawford Preparatory School in Sandton and various schools in Great Britain.

Etienne loves sport, the natural world, angling and friendly people. He enjoys good food and his favourite is “the good old Sunday roast!” His pet dislikes however, are vulgarity, greed and ecological destruction.

Number one on Etienne’s “bucket list” is to tour the wilderness areas of Namibia and Botswana. He clearly is a man who loves adventure and nature.

His motto to live by is: “Be kind and have courage.”

Welcome to Glenwood, Etienne.

Brendan Powell

Brendan became a member of the George community at the end of 2016 after relocating his family from JHB and joined the College staff during 2017 in a temporary capacity, teaching Business Economics to Grade 8 & 10. He also helped out with whatever was needed at the school. This year he teaches Business Economics, Life Orientation and History and Technology. He manages and coaches the U15 cricket and Rugby teams and the Swimming team.

He has a BA (Hons) in Theology, and his experience as a Pastor and businessman is put to good use as he encourages the pupils to become future entrepreneurs and Nation changers. Brendan believes in shaping the whole person to set them up for holistic success. "I believe in shaping the whole person; EQ over IQ …. It is the modern-day Tortoise and hare…. EQ wins every time.”

Brendan is very happily married to his favourite wife, Juliet, and they celebrate 21 years of marriage this year. They have two Glenwood children, John (Gr 9) and Abigail in Grade 6.

“I love to be outdoors: paddling, swimming, or exploring the stunning hiking trails. Camping, cycling birding or boating, anything to do with Salt water, sun and fresh air or good food seems to recharge my internal batteries. Sometimes when I just haven’t had enough of the outdoors, I end my day with a very pleasant short walk home. “

Firefighters Day & Slipper Day

Thank you to the parents for supporting these worthy causes. An amount of just under R6000 was raised for Firefighters Day, and all proceeds will be utilised in the upgrading of living and sleeping quarters at the Thembalethu office of the Eden District Fire Department.

An amount of just under R5000 was raised for Slipper Day. This contribution will be helping 5 children from George next week!

Well done!




The following Glenwood House Biathletes were selected to represent Eden at the SA Championships in Pretoria: Destin de Necker, Méla Loubser, Ruben Gouws, Lomé Gouws and Matthew Seabrook.


Glenwood House is proud to announce that the following hockey players have been selected for the Eden hockey teams (left to right): for the A team: David de Necker and Hugo Koen; for the B teams: Kyle Smith, Keaton Kaiser, Unam Halam and Kate Bartels.


Glenwood House is proud of the selection of the following hockey players for the George U13 teams, they are the girls: Samantha Bellew, Unam Halam, Kate Bartels, Catherine Mentz and Robyn Baker


Left: Keaton Kaiser was the man of the match. The A team won 2-1. Left Middle: Wido Rudolph was the man of the match. The B team won 1-0. Right Middle: Catherine Mentz was the player of the match for U13 A girls. Catherine helped beat George South 1-0 where we previously lost 0-3 against them at the HESS tournament. Right: Jané Botha was the player of the match for the U13 B team. Unfortunately her team lost.


Our U13 hockey teams participated in the George South tournament over the long- weekend. The girls experienced a few close games and narrowly lost in their final match during a penalty shoot-out.

The boys’ team did exceptionally well and advanced to the final. Here they faced Paarl Boys. After a tense match the scores were still drawn and it also had to go to a penalty shoot-out. Our boys were unfortunate to lose 5- 3.

Front: Eric Pike, Lathim Impondu, Connor Malek, Kyle Smith, Keaton Kaiser. Back: Wido Rudolph, Reegan Bakker, Luzuko Halam, Ruan Lamprecht, Hugo Koen, Tristan Scholtz, Jonno van Niekerk and coach Abu Effendi.


Glenwood House School represented SWD Province at the Western Cape Classic Open Championships.

This was a very high level Mixed Martial Arts & Grappling competition where clubs from SWD, Eastern Province and Western Province participated.

The following students all ended in the top 5 in their respective divisions.

Brooklyn Rose McDonald: 2nd place for girls age 7 years in Grappling (note she is only 5 years old), 3rd place for girls up to 9 years old in High Kick

Ethan McDonald: 1st place for boys age 7 years in Grappling in the under 35kg division, 1st place for boys age 7 years in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts - which is basically a combination of kickboxing and wrestling all mixed together) and 1st place for boys age 7 years in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts - which is basically a combination of kickboxing and wrestling all mixed together)

Max Nel: 1st place for boys age 7 years in Grappling in the under 30kg division and 2nd place for boys age 7 years in MMA.

NOTE - Both Max and Ethan beat all their opponents in MMA and ended up facing each other in the final, where Ethan won the match via a split decision and both boys showed great maturity/good sportsmanship by congratulating each other after the match.

Tim Ryan: 4th place for boys age 9 years in Grappling in the under 30kg division. (Note: Tim lost a very close match against the Current SA National Champion by 2 points) and 4th place for boys under 9 years in MMA (Note: Tim lost against the same SA National Champion in EXTRA TIME by decision).

Ben Ryan: 4th place for boys 11 years in Grappling and 4th place for boys 11 years in MMA.

(Note that, although Ben competes in the 37kg weight division, he only weighs 28kg and all his opponents are bigger than him)

Jacques Cambell: 3rd place for boys age 11 years for Grappling in the under 37kg division. (Jacques lost against the current SA Champion by 4 points in a very close match) and 2nd place for boys 11 years in MMA.

Zac Nel: 5th place for boys age 11 years for Grappling in the under 44kg division. (Zac was the lightest in his division weighing in at 38kg) and 1st place for boys age 11 years for MMA.

NOTE - Both Jacques and Zac beat all their opponents in MMA and ended up facing each other in the final, where Zac won a very close match.

Report compiled by Robert Harris.


Luke Fogle, captain and loose forward of the U13 A rugby team, scored 2 tries against Hibernia Primary. Glenwood won 40 – 5.
Jané Botha and Dané Swanevelder played in the U13 match against Hibernia. They were both selected as players of the match!
The U13 netball team proudly sporting their new kit.
Jolisna Mulder was the player of the match for their hockey match against RAMPS.
Robyn Baker was the player of the match for the U13 A hockey against Milkwood, for her exceptional defending.
Glenwood U10 netball girls played against Mzoxolo Primary on the 16th of May. Glenwood won 7-2. Player of the match is the whole team: Brooke Illman, Tyla Dafel, Mira Hartman, Marniek Kruger, Jamie Smit, Mia Hugo and Amber de Jager.
Eric Pike and Kyle Smith were nominated as the players of the match against Milkwood. Eric made a couple of great saves and Kyle was very effective at defence.
Shane van Eeden very much deserved being nominated player of the match for their hockey match against Knysna Montessori. Shane scored an astonishing goal but to seal the deal, he scored another also! His team won 3-0.
Glenwood U10 netball girls played against Hibernia on the 23rd of May. Glenwood lost 4–5. Player of the match is Zoë Reid.
Glenwood U11 netball girls played against Hibernia on the 23rd of May. Glenwood won 7–2. Player of the match is Jamie Smit.


The trip to Mzoxolo Primary is always an adventure due to the unexpected nature of the fixture. This encounter was exactly that! The rugby matches could not take place due to serious safety concerns. However, the U11 and U13 netball matches did take place.

It is always in the best interest of any player to be exposed to different playing conditions and this fixture certainly exposed our young minds to how it is done in other parts of the town!

Our young girls played exceptionally well in spite of the very difficult conditions and managed to win both their matches. Well done, ladies. A great big thank you to all our parents who supported our athletes.


Left: Vaneska van der Schyff played beautifully on Saturday in their match against Holy Cross. Right: Klara Loubser played GS for the first time and managed to get quite a few goals her team.


Top Left: Glenwood U10 netball girls played against St Mary's on the 9th of May. They won 3 – 1. Players of the match: Kyla Hamilton and Zoë Reid. Top Middle: Glenwood U11 netball girls played against St Mary's on the 9th of May. They won 13 – 0. Player of the match: Mia Hugo. Top Right: The U12 netball won 12 – 3 with Gabi Vakis as player of the match. Bottom Left: The U12 netball team, very satisfied with their great performance. Bottom Right: Morgan Barclay is the U13 player of the match. She played like a star.


Left: Layton Dafel was the U9 hockey man of the match which we lost 1- 3. Top Middle: Jack Goussard was the U10 hockey man of the match which we lost 0-3. Top Right: Méla Loubser was the U9 player of the match; her team won 5-0. Bottom Right: Glenwood U13 rugby beat Oakhill 39 – 5. The players of the match were Hugo Naude and Sebastian Smuts.
Left: Kate Bartels was the player of the match for the U13 netball. Glenwood won 22-7. Middle Left: AJ Janse van Rensburg was the U13 B hockey man of the match; his team drew 0 – 0. Middle Right: Glenwood U10 netball girls played against Oakhill on the 11th of May. They won 9 – 0. Player of the match is Iyababala Kuze for her great defence. Right: Destin de Necker was the U11 hockey player of the match; their team lost 1 – 4.
Top Left: Glenwood U11 netball girls played against Oakhill on the 11th of May. They won 4 – 2. Player of the match is Lani de Wet. Bottom Left: Unam Halam and Jolisna Mulder were the players of the match for the U13 B hockey, winning 2-0. Bottom Right: Kate Bartels held most of her U13 A hockey team together in a very tough match.
Left: Sienna Waldawer was nominated as the player of the match for the U11 hockey, beating their opponents 2-0. Middle Left: Although the U13 A hockey team lost, Reegan Bakker was pleased with his brilliant goal. Middle Right: The U12 netball team played beautifully to win 17–1. Right: Unam Halam was nominated as the player of the match for the U12 netball.


The Glenwood House U13 rugby team was in action during the Glenwood House Preparatory Schools’ Rugby Festival from 19 to 21 April 2018. Eight schools participated in the Festival. Clarendon Primary had a very strong team and ended the festival unbeaten. The other schools that participated were Herbert Hurd, Rhenish, Blanco, Fish Hoek, Somerset College and Curro Durbanville.

Glenwood did very well. We won 3 games, drew 2 and lost 2. The two standout results for the team were the 17 – 5 victory over Herbert Hurd and a well-earned draw against the oldest school in South Africa, Rhenish.

The festival was a huge success with parents, players and educators singing the praises of Glenwood House.

We look forward to hosting the festival again next year.

Below are some action photos of the boys during the festival.


Congratulations to James Vonk for being selected to represent the RSA RS Tera Class Sailing Team at the RS Tera World Championships in Weymouth, United Kingdom in August 2018. We are extremely proud of James and certain that he will represent RSA with pride!



The under 16 boys’ hockey squad attended the Paarl Gymnasium hockey tournament during the April holidays. They performed very well and had the following results:

beat Strand High School 1-0 in their opening match, beat Hugenote College 5-1, beat Paarl Gymnasium B 3-0, drew 1-1 versus Paul Roos B, lost 1-3 against Rustenburg High School; they beat Worcester Gymnasium 4-0 in their final match.

This meant that they finished 5th out of 12 teams attending the tournament.


Wednesday 25 July - York @ Home (ALL College Teams)

Thursday 26 July to Sunday 29 July - 1st Team Netball Tour @ Stutterheim

Tuesday 31 July - PW Botha @ PW Botha (ALL College Teams)

Saturday 4 August - Paul Sauer @ Home (ALL College Teams)

Please join the College Netball Teams for their last few fixtures of the season in the upcoming third term. We have experienced such a good season thus far and are really looking forward to ending it off with a bang. Below are the dates and venues for the last few fixtures for the year.

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