Shapes Circles, rectangles, triangles, squares

Shapes are ALL around us! Look around the room and see what shapes you can spot!


Circles are round. A circle has no corners. They can be seen almost everywhere you look. For example, the sun, a basketball, the clock, wheels, cinnamon rolls, etc. Can you look around the room to find a circle in our classroom?


A rectangle has four sides. Let's count them! Two sides are longer, while the other two sides are shorter. Rectangles have exactly four corners. Let's point to them. Rectangles can also be seen almost everywhere you look. Some examples are bricks, door, rug, bed, kleenex box, etc. Let's look around the classroom to see if we can find any rectangles!


Triangles have three sides and three corners. The sides can be all the same lengths or they can be all different lengths. Many things are shaped like a triangle! For example, an ice cream cone, pizza slice, piece of pie, volcano, or sail on a boat, etc. Can you find a triangle in this room?


Squares have exactly four sides and four corners! Squares are special because each one of their sides are the SAME length. Be careful not to mix squares and rectangles up. Remember, a square has equal side lengths, while a rectangle has two long sides and two short sides. Some examples of squares are windows, picture frames, pizza boxes, dice, etc. What objects in the classroom can you find that are shaped like a square?

MORE VIdeos including all the shapes:

Let's Practice!

Can you draw or trace a circle, rectangle, triangle, and square?

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