Ungifted Gordan Korman

<<Hypothesis: What if normal people are even weirder than we are?>>

Ungifted is a book about a boy named Donovan Curtis, who is not a high-achieving student, and gets B's in his school grades. Following an incident and a misunderstanding with Dr. Schultz and his old school, Donovan is accepted into ASD (Academy for Scholastic Distinction), a school for gifted children. Donovan is shocked at his acceptance, but still attends the school. During his time there, Donovan makes friends with an insanely smart boy named Noah who has an IQ of 206, a kind girl named Chloe, a cold girl who's focused on the being the best named Abigail, and the rest of his robotics class. The class doesn't know Donovan's true reason for his motivation to stay at school though. Will they find out or will someone else tell them, and by then will it be too late for Donovan?

<<Hypothesis: Donovan Curtis is smarter than all of us put together.>> Okay, probably not. Make that definitely not.

Main Characters

Donovan Curtis: The protagonist of the story, a trouble-maker at his school who is an underachiever in work.

Katie Patterson: Donovan's older sister who is pregnant and doesn't have much patience for Donovan. Her husband Brad is away serving the country in Afghanistan.

Chloe Garfinkle: Donovan's first friend at the academy who constantly defends Donovan and sees his value in the academy. Chloe also makes many hypotheses about the current events in the story.

Abigail Lee: An overachiever even at the academy who takes education incredibly seriously. She is cold to Donovan at first, then does something unexpected.

Noah Youkilis: A socially awkward student who is extremely gifted. He wants to leave the academy and be normal. After he meets Donovan, he makes a big character change.

Dr. Schultz: The strict superintendent of Donovan's school district, the antagonist of the story.

Tin Man: The robotics team's robot for the robotics competition that is named, decorated, and controlled by Donovan and built by the rest of the team.

The two Daniels: Donovan's two mischievous friends before he went to the academy, also trouble-makers like him.

Interesting Facts

  • Brad has a chow chow named Beatrice who only likes Donovan
  • Donovan's father put a ASD bumper sticker on his car
  • Abigail knew Donovan in elementary school
  • Noah intentionally tries to fail his classes

Q's and A's

Answered by my mom.

How could I have improved this presentation?

I think some information regarding the main conflict might have been helpful, as well as a longer summary of the plot. Although I would have liked some more images, the list of characters and interesting facts helped to break up the text in a visually clean way.

What did you learn about this book?

Is Donovan merely underestimated or does he rise to the challenge of the mistaken "gifted" label? I'm not sure based on this presentation, but it seems as though Donovan finds his place among his peers. I also learned that this is a story driven by interesting and colorful characters.

Do you want to read this book based on this information?

If I were 11 and in the 6th grade, yes, I would probably want to read this book. It is always fun to read books where the main characters are in the same demographic as the reader. There also seems to be some sort of mystery to be revealed, which makes for an appealing story.

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