Egyptair TVC Treatment by Ahmed Alaa Eldeeb

First of all I would like to thank you for choosing me for this super fun campaign that certainly attracts and intrigues any director. I think we are about to make a very comedic campaign that will reveal the humor part in both our celebrities and makes our audience enjoy a lot!

Overall Approach

This commercial is all about the competition between the two starts and the passenger's entertainment, interaction and reaction to it. It will be fun, cheesy, competitive and playful when it comes to the tricks each will think of to grab the passenger's attention.

Since the audience already have a sense of duet between Shereen & Hossam Habib due to their latest duet together "Kol Ma Aghani" and as this clip was very harmonies between them this will be the exact contrary. They will see how the difference behind the camera and off camera with them is.

Here comes the story!



The introduction needs to be very powerful and mysterious in a way and to my opinion we should not reveal that they are two from the start! We will also have to introduce our brand right from the start so we will first start with an opening shot of the plane flying over Cairo.

We will then have a point of view shot of someone entering the plane and the staff members welcoming them inside with branding clothes of Egyptair and happy faces with a genuine smile from the crew members. We get to see a family coming inside the plane very excited.

Reference for Family entrance

Then we see a shot where someone is laying down on the bed as if he's on a shezlong with one of Egyptair's magazine covering his face. We then suddenly see Hossam Habib's face coming out of it while the family enters the plane.

Reference for Hossam Habib's intro

The family members seem very surprised and happy to see him and rush to take pictures with him while the plane staff help them and take the iPhone to capture the picture for them.

Reference for fans taking a selfie with Hossam Habib

While this is all happening we see food being served to a seat in the back and after we capture the great food shots and the branding of Egyptair on the napkin, the camera goes up to reveal Shereen's face surprised from the noise in the plane and looking from her seat to see Hossam Habib and fans taking pictures.

Reference to Shereen's intro

Suddenly she takes the spotlight from him, because the family see her while taking the picture with Hossam Habib and they stop looking to the camera and their picture and run to take another picture with Shereen instead.

Reference for Hossam Habib's reaction
Reference for passenger's and family reaction to Shereen's

Competition starts

We see how Hossam Habib gets really jealous and starts opening the screen in front of him so he suddenly sees a video clip of his and Shereen's song on the playlist of the plane so we see him taking the folk and knife to play the tune of the song and starts singing the song very loud to grab people's attention.

Reference to Hossam Habib's singing performance

This grabs Shereen's attention of course, so she gives a sneaky smile and finishes the last piece of food in her plate and stand up while the plane staff lady hands her the mic to sing along.

Reference to Shereen's reaction

She will start singing when she hears their song and goes out to perform to take the spotlight from him and the passengers in a catwalk mega start attitude.

Reference for Plane turning into a concert

We start to see the passenger's reaction and interaction with the two singers and how people are very happy from what's happening and in complete surprise.

Reference for people's reaction

We will end the copy with one an announcement that is done from the plane that the food is ready and that all passengers should remain in their seats to be served. So suddenly people are placed in their seats waiting for the food and the two stars smile to one another in a shy face that the party is suddenly over and Shereen's go back to her seat.

Reference for button shot of Shereen

We then end with our demo and narration describing the trip of Egyptair and we see the plane landing.

Reference for plane shots
The look & Mood of copy

The look of this copy is very important as it is reflecting our brand and how neat and elegant it is. This will be shown from the picture that shows the audience the facilities and great hosting elements that this brand has.

Reference for shots
Camera Movement & Techniques

The camera here will be very energetic and moving along with our starts to give the fun and light feeling of this copy, as the edit will be fast to fit the 30s duration. It will all seem very joyful and has a festive mood.

Lighting & Grading

Overall the shots will be very bright and clear to match the neat mood and give the audience the chance to spot the details of the plane facilities and services. Also an important element here are the food shots. They will be very stylized and appetite full. Finally there will be lots of beauty shots of the celebrities with great lighting to have Shereen and Hossam Habib look great and appear fancy for the audience.


The wardrobe will be of course mainly focusing on the two starts making them appear very fashionable and up to date. This will nevertheless not exclude the passengers and crew members as it is very important to show how the passengers are all topnotch people and the crew members need to be shown in complete elegance and neat nature.


This is a very good reference for the music score, as it feels funny and has great punches to match the competition era and mood of the two starts.


So as I'm sure you can tell by now I have quite a large vision for this fun commercial. What I always like to remind my creative partners of at this stage of the process is that we really are at step one of the filmmaking process.

We have a script we all love, we have a succinct vision we all desire, we have two superstars that are about to make a comedian masterpiece and we now just have to come together and really hone the story, the action on this occasion until we end up creating a film that is beyond all of our expectations.

It is my job as a director to keep pushing, to keep creating, and to keep delivering. And this is exactly what I intend to achieve for you.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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Ahmed Alaa Eldeeb

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