SHARE A Minute Turning time into an expression of love and care

February is important to brands. Being the month where love shines the brightest in the form of hugots and memes, marketers scramble to assemble together opportunities that will make their brand the undisputed king of hearts. But considering how creative the marketing workforce has evolved over the years, Valentine's Day gets jammed with an invasion of thought-evoking advertising, that it has become hard to figure out which piece of media will grab the biggest share of the public's adoration.

With marketers spending an enormous amount of time brainstorming the next great commercial or composing the Internet's freshest earworm during the season of love, Minute Burger chose to instead concentrate its brand and community-building efforts in reevaluating the true significance of Share The Love - its yearly corporate social responsibility (CSR) program.

Debuting in 2012, Share The Love was Minute Burger's Thank You response to communities where expansion was fully-realized. For four years straight, Share The Love made good on its promise to ventilate its desire to be a worthy companion in communities where the brand has made a commensurate effort to inspire people.

Share The Love rapidly captured the hearts of many parents and teachers whom have been baptized with the role of serving as guardians to the community's future leaders - school children. The program easily resonated with all three.

Two young Aeta boys show their new school gear.

But at the start of 2017, the name Share The Love was honorably retired; there had been an aching desire for the program to undergo a serious transformation inspired by the brand's energetic acceptance for change. Share The Love sounds good. But Share A Minute? Now that's a name brimming with potential that every Minute Burger brand champion will be able to nurture and proudly call their own.

An Aeta mother of an Aeta settlement in Porac carries her daughter on stage, waiting for her turn to participate in the activity. (Photo and caption by Derek Ian C. Vicente)

Time is Love

Share A Minute adds importance to the word minute, which is basically telling the beneficiaries of the program that Minute Burger has time for them. Apart from pulling out the same word to create a new outreach campaign that we can confidently own, its meaning to children, who're one of two recipients of the program's giving essence, remains very sacred. Without a doubt, children are easily swayed by the nascent dangers of technology to make them happy, even when isolated from their parents, teachers, or guardians. Much worse, children are very prone to consume unhealthy foods in large doses.

Summarily, Share A Minute hopes to bring forward inspiration and draw out action from parents and teachers who are also beneficiaries of the outreach's communication goals.

Together with employees and franchisees, the renamed CSR program hopes to make a serious dent in communities that shall freely welcome and embrace our vision of advocating healthy and engaged families or leaders who have the general interests of children front and center.

Exiting our comfort zone

Two school children from Barangay BF International in Las Pinas display their friendly bond over Cheeseburgers. (Photo and caption by Derek Ian C. Vicente)

Share A Minute departs from the idea that only school children from daycare or learning centers should be getting all the intention. Though they remain important than ever, the program also challenged our employees to search for sequestered communities where support from private sectors hasn't clearly been felt yet.

Jefferson Lambino, trade marketing specialist, led a complete team effort to deliver boxes of Cheeseburgers and FruTwists (one half of our brand of healthy juice drinks) to the children and attendants of Missionaries Charity in Davao City.

The children of Missionaries Charity have all been abandoned, and some were suffering from genetic disorders. A short visit from our team was enough to put a smile in their faces.

"I felt joy in their eyes as they adore the short but happy time with Bitoy - our mascot - and the Minute Burger Team. And at the very least, we shared a minute of happiness to the children, not just by being a visitor, or a friend, but also as people they long to have - a family," describes Jefferson.

In Porac, a small settlement of Aeta families were visited. The experience that Share A Minute brought to the community may have not been life-changing or newsworthy, but it did its job of sprinkling dashes of hope and inspiration to families struggling to find their place in a larger, often prejudiced ecosystem.

By all means, Share A Minute is a mature example of the brand's ability to diffuse itself away from the hot trend. There's nothing better than seeing a small communities coming together... with our CSR playing a key role from that happening.

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Derek Ian Vicente

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