ABC'S OF AFRICA A-Z of africa

A: Africa, the second largest continent in the world covering 6% of the world's surface. It is also the oldest continent known to humans.

B: Berbers, a large group of pre-Arabs and were very big with trade with older empires such as the Mali.

C: Congo Rainforest, which is the biggest river in Southern Africa.

D: Devil's Pool, a walk in the Zambezi a very large highlight during certain season that are dry because if it's not dry you will be certainly washed away. So high that you can see locations and objects from 30 miles away!


F: France which is obviously peoples from France but Africa was colonized by them and 4 other groups

G: Gold, it was a valuable because they could make coins from it. Coins could be traded for Salt and other resources

H: H.I.V, A human virus that causes A.I.D.S. to the human body. It's slightly big in Africa.

I: Italy, Another country that colonized Africa.

J: Javelin, Javelin throwing started in Africa and slowly became more popular worldwide

K: Kilimanjaro, Highest mountain in Africa and has three volcano cones.

L: Libyan, Libyan groups such as Tauves are in Libya and some from groups in Mali.

M: Mali, A large African tribe that was one of the biggest in Africa.

N: Nile River, Longest river in the world located in Egypt. Very important for African development.

O: Orange River, The longest river in Southern Africa.

P: Portugal, One of the countries that also colonized Africa

Q: Quran, The religous text of Isalm and devided in to chapters which are divided into verses.


S: Salt, One of the most important things in Africa being Africa's currency and a way to preserve important foods.

T: Taslam river, An African river to the Indian ocean and longest river in Southern African town KwaZula-Nata.

U: Uda, a popular musical instrument from the Igbo people of Nigeria and it's made like a clay pot.

V: Victorian Falls, A fall described by the Kololo tribe also is going 5 million cubic meters of water per minute.

W: West Africa is the westernmost Sub region of Africa.

X: Xenophobia, Africa has lots of Xenophobia to the point of attacks an it's where immigrants face discrimination of ethnicity .

Y: Yoruba, A number of people of Southwestern Nigeria. Majority of population of Benin

Z: Zulu, are of the Homager ethnic group of France and Africa, they are a group of 10 million people

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