Baruch ConfessIon wisdom consolation

Baruch: Dated between 200 and 60 BCE. It has 5 chapters. It is made up of three independent compositions that have been compiled together. They are a confessional liturgy, a prose prayer, a wisdom poem. and a poem of consolation.

must confess

Bar 1: 1 - 14. Instructs to read the scroll as a confessional. Baruch 1:13 says "...for we have sinned against the Lord our God...." and Bar 1:14 instructs: "And you shall read aloud the scroll that we are sending you to make your confession in the house of the Lord..."

being negligent

The confession section is from Bar 1:15 - 2:10. Bar 1:15 starts off, "And you shall say...there is open shame on us today,..." Bar 1:17 "because we have sinned before the Lord." Bar 1:18 "We have disobeyed him, and have not heeded the voice of the Lord our God..." Bar 1:19 "...we have been disobedient to the Lord our God, and we have been negligent, in not heeding his voice."


The prayer is from Bar 2:11 - 3:8. Bar 2:14 "Hear, O Lord, our prayer and our supplication, and for your own sake deliver us, and grant us favor..." Bar 2:16 "O Lord look down from your holy dwelling, and consider us..." Bar 3:6 "For you are the Lord our God..." Bar 3:7 "...we will praise you in our exile..."


The Wisdom Poem is from Bar 3:9 - 4:4. Bar 3:9 "Hear the commandments of life, O Israel; give ear, and learn wisdom!" Bar 3:13-14 "If you had walked in the way of God you would be living in peace forever. Learn where there is wisdom, where there is strength, where there is understanding,..."

wisdom appeared on earth

continuation of Wisdom Poem: Bar 3:15 "Who has found her place?..." Bar 3:35-37 "This is our God; no other can be compared to him. He found the whole way to knowledge, and gave her to his servant Jacob and to Israel, whom he loved. Afterward she appeared on earth and lived with humankind." Bar 4:1 "...All who hold her fast will live..." Bar 4:2 - 4 "Turn, O Jacob, and take her; walk toward the shining of her light. Do not give your glory to another, or your advantages to an alien people. Happy are we, O Israel, for we know what is pleasing to God."

Glory of God

The consolation section is from Bar 4:5 - 5:9. Bar 4:5 "Take courage, my people..." Bar 4:11 "With joy I nurtured them..." Bar 5:1 "...put on forever the beauty of the glory from God." Bar 5:9 "For God will lead...with the mercy and righteousness that come from him."


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