By: Casey HarfOrd

Marriage can lead to better health

Getting married has been proven to improve health in both males and females. Men's health is affected more by marriage, but both male and females see a very powerful difference. Married men are less likely to suffer from health conditions like back pain, headaches, and serious psychological distress. Married men are less likely to smoke, drink heavily, and be physically inactive and can live up to 10 years longer than single men. Nine out of ten married guys who are alive at 48 will make it to age 65, compared with just six in ten comparable single guys. Nine out of ten wives alive at age 48 will live to be senior citizens, compared with just eight out of ten divorced and single women.

Marriage can earn you more money

Men and women a who marry tend to be more responsible with their money. Married men earn between 10%-40% more than single men. Married men also tend to save more than single men. When you’re married, your entire outlook on money changes. Most people who get married come to the realization that they have someone else to take care of, this in fact motivates them to do whatever it takes to support his/hers significant other. The average married couple has accumulated assets worth about $410,000, compared with $167,000 for the never-married and $154,000 for the divorced.

Cohabiting men are four times more likely to cheat than husbands, and cohabiting women are eight times more likely to cheat than wives. Marriage is also the only real hope for permanence in any romantic relationship. Only one out of ten cohabiting couples are still cohabiting after five years. In contrast, 80 percent of couples marrying for the first time are still married five years later.

Married people are generally happier than those who are single. divorced adults are twice as likely as married folk to say they are "not too happy" with life in general. A study by Steven Stack and J. Ross Eshleman showed that "married persons have a significantly higher level of happiness than persons who are not married." Marriage can boost financial satisfaction and Nelson, which can cause higher levels of happiness. Cohabitation, in contrast, did not increase financial satisfaction or health, and the boost to happiness from having a live-in lover was only about a quarter of that of being married.

Divorce can severely weaken the bonds between parents and children, these scars can take years and years to rebuild. Adults that come divorced homes describe their relationships with their mother and father less positively than those who come from intact homes. Adults who grew up in divorced homes are less likely to visit their parents as often as adults who come from intact homes. html

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