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Education Platform

Every child dreams, needs, and deserves to learn, and should be given equal and ample opportunity to an education. As a teacher, the greatest gift I can give a student is to inspire them to wonder and chase their curiosity while empowering them to do so.

Education should inspire hope and joy, be available, personal, flexible, interactive, engaging, relevant, collaborative, challenging, and achievable. My focus in education is transformational, authentic learning.

It is the responsibility of a teacher to discover each child’s unique pathway to learning and embolden them to explore and employ their potential, talents, and skills. The role of a teacher extends to nurturing a child’s positive, growth mindset in order to develop well-rounded, confident, and compassionate local and global citizens. The teacher must see and encourage students holistically, in the realms of academia, social, emotional, and spiritual growth.

A teacher should continually strive for growth as well, remaining informed of adjustments and advancements that occur in all the academic domains of education and perpetually abide as a teachable teacher.

Learning Environment

My goal is to create a safe learning environment where students feel comfortable being themselves, taking risks, and expressing their creativity. The world is our classroom and my students discover that learning happens anywhere we decide to ask questions and explore to find the answers.

My UIL Science Team on a trip to the Perot Museum of Nature & Science.
Observing the growth of microorganisms.
Burying trash we collected to investigate decomposition rates.
Building Bug Hotels
There's nothing quite like playing Capture the Flag to learn strategic thinking.
Making "Baleen Paste" for Whale Week.
Community as Classroom

Rooted in the principles of place, our classroom is a community and the community is our classroom. Learning​ ​isn’t​ ​confined​ ​within​ ​four​ ​walls. Field trips are my favorite! Especially when they take you to places you've never been before! Traveling with an open-mind and wonder can lead to some of the most impactful and authentic learning experiences.

Touring District 6 in Cape Town, South Africa
Hout Bay, South Africa
Rafting the Shiribetsu River - Hokkaido, Japan
Wellspring Leadership Trip to the Red Sea
Lessons in Friendship
Teaching by Example

Sixth grade students created websites as a novel study, and so did I! Now the entire Reading department uses the site to explore the novel each year.

Students need to be engaged and excited about learning. While exploring the evidence of chemical change with my 8th graders, we decided to mix things up a bit.

Google Certified Educator

As a Google Certified Educator, I love the challenge of effectively integrating technology into the classroom. Most of my favorite technology tools give students the opportunity to collaborate, create and use their own voice.

Class Instagram

Learning is a social process. Using social media in the classroom allows the opportunity for engagement and to teach responsible use of media.

Bumper Sticker formative assessment over interdependence among living systems.
Using the force in a lab activity on the force of friction.
Special Spanish Valentines
Observing One Day Without Shoes
Looking at our own cheek cells is pretty incredible!
From my Students:

I can't believe I got the best science teacher two years in a row! I sure am going to miss you...Thank you so much for being such an awesome coach, teacher, role model, and friend. Love you!" -8th grader

"I'm gonna miss you so much! And I am so thankful that I had you this year because you have taught me so much. It's not only the science lessons, but the life lessons too that will stick w/me forever. Thank you for being the best teacher ever!" -8th grader

"I became such a positive proton thanks to you! Thank you for being such a great teacher & I will miss you so much!" -8th grader

"Thanks for all that you do! You are the teacher that brightens my day! Even tho your last period can get "PRETTY" crazy you manage to still keep your cool and carry on. I've really enjoyed this year! Thank you for all that you do!" -8th grader

"Thank you so much for all your words of encouragement and the time you took to help me. I will always remember this year as one of the best and you as an amazing person that helped shape me into who I wanna be." -6th grader

"Thank you for teaching! You are so joyous, helpful, amazing, fun, nice, and a role model! I love you!" -6th grader

"You're one of the only teachers I've had that actually seems to care about the students and their future, and thank you for that. And thank you for giving us such good life lessons. You've helped me out with my friends to sort it out, you've been very kind when I'm crying or my friends are, and you've been a great teacher. So, thank you. (sorry if there's grammar mistakes)" -6th grader

"You are amazing! I love how creative and fun you are! I love you!" -6th grader

"OK, I don't even know how to describe it. You are one of the best teachers I've ever had. You have such a great personality, and you are just so awesome. All the books you've had us read, are so good, and the activities you have us do are really fun... [when you] explain [what we read] it has such a deep meaning. Plus, it helps me to understand what some people go through or just a quote, you make it have a meaning and not just words, and now I just love to read a lot of books... You are just so awesome!" -6th grader

"You have inspired me to look for the best in people, including myself. And you always make me feel better about myself, thank you." -4th grader

"I never would have made it through this year without you. I love you Ms. Bailey!" -7th grader

My incredible students surprising me for an end-of-year celebration.

Collaboration is Key

Sharing ideas and working as a team is part of what makes teaching a joy. I have a passion for Outdoor Education, and am certified to facilitate teacher trainings for Project WILD. My Google Drive is open to all past and present team members (and others that request access). I also enjoy being on the "other side" of professional development, and have taught a few courses at local workshops.

  • Differentiating Instruction with Literacy Stations and Technology for Gifted Students
  • Learn To Be A Better Driver: Overview of Google Suite for Education
  • Extensions and Add-ons: Google Suite for Education
  • Nearpod 101
  • Adobe Spark 101

I have also hosted Tech Power Lunches for fellow teachers.

Professional Development in Ireland: Cliffs of Moher
Galápagos Islands: Science Professional Development at its best!
Building relationships with fellow educators and learning from one another at the Sudanese Displaced Children's Learning Center in Cairo, Egypt. PC: Caleb Hatfield


Van ISD Education Foundation Grant Winner: 2016

Received $2,300 to cover the cost of a field trip to the Perot Museum of Nature & Science with interactive lab experiences for each 8th grade student in the district.

BioLab at the Perot Museum of Nature & Science in Dallas, Texas
Boylan Grant Winner - Lindale ISD: 2017

Received over $4,500 to purchase class sets of iPad keyboards for the Reading & Language Arts Department.

Fund for Teachers Fellow: 2018

Received over $4,900 to explore the Galápagos Islands with a group of educators and a certified Galápagos National Park Guide in order to: bolster current curriculum, increase student engagement, encourage a mindset of curiosity, and develop a passion in students for life-long learning and travel.

On Floreana Island studying the Galápagos Tortoise.

I also currently mentor two teachers through the Fund for Teachers organization.

Thank you for visiting my digital portfolio. If desired, please find further contact information in my CV and resume.


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