The Divine Rachel gowey

The Spacial Experience

When I got to the theatre the lobby was already filling with many people. We got there early enough that we got the chance to sit in the front row off to the left side of the stage. The theatre was very dim and the first scenes props were on the stage. At this point I didn't know what the play was going to be about. After reading through the program I got a little idea about what the play was about but still had questions that I hoped would be answered during the play. The characters occasionally came through the side doors in the middle of the play and it was cool being so close to them and seeing them up close while performing.

The Social Experience

I attended the play with two of my teammates and closest friends who are also in the good life. We had practice before hand so we didn't have much time to prepare but what matters most is that we made it to the play. It helped going with friends because if I had any questions after the play I could ask them for clarification. You can't always achieve the good life by yourself, you often need the help of others and their influence to get you on the right path. Sometimes you get lost, especially when trying to figure out who you are and what you should be doing and with the help of close friends they can help you see what you're truly interested in.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

As a diverse culture I think we have certainly grown since this period of time. The main conflict was a play occurring in Quebec City that the Catholic church was against. They banned an actress named Sarah Bernhardt from performing in their city, but when two seminarians had to deliver the news they got caught up in the world of things they were taught not to believe in. Before this play I had no knowledge on this subject and at points in the play it confused me even more, causing me to ask more questions. I think it changed my views because we are not as strict today about what is showed to the public or who may play the part. I am catholic and I don't feel as if I judge people the way they used to, over time people have become more accepting even while following the directions of God. I don't feel as if it is occurring in my life at the moment, but now that I am in college I feel like I have more freedom to experience things I didn't get to in high school.

The Emotional Experience

This play provides us an opportunity of katharsis by providing different roles of how people live and work. The whole play had many different character views, all of which happen in life today. We just don't see or really look that deeply into others' lives. I feel that every character comes clean in the end of the troubles they are facing. Whether it be wanting to write plays, how the working conditions really are, or who your love interest might be. In the end when they all express how they really feel, we were able to really feel for the characters and notice that nobody's life is perfect even the life of Sarah Bernhardt.

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