Christianity By Ella PElen


Christianity was founded in Bethlehem where Mary, Jesus's mother gave birth to him. Mary was told that she would have a son and he would be the Messiah even though she was a virgin at the time.

Major Beliefs:

Christians believe that Jesus Christ died for their sins. They worship him so much that there is a "Christ the Redeemer" statue located in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.


The Christians have 3 major celebrations. Christmas, Good Friday, and Easter. During a modern Christmas a Christian family will go to the church that they practice at to have a ceremony. During the ceremony there will be an event where the Christians light candles. They say Jesus was the "Light of the World" so they do this to represent him. Good Friday is a time where Christians remember the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It takes place on the Friday preceding Easter. Easter is the most important holiday for them because on Easter Sunday Jesus rose after being crucified. They celebrate by going to church, of course!


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