Instructional Technology Newsletter June 2018

With summer vacation just a week and a half away, this final newsletter will focus on closing out the year, events to consider and a sneak peak at technology for the 2018-2019 school year. You will also find a link to all previous newsletters if you would like a second look at specific programs and ideas. Thank you for all that you do. I wish you a wonderful and safe summer!

End of year Procedures

As the end of the year approaches, we prefer that you take your laptop and ipad (if you have one) home with you for the summer. There are no updates that need to be installed at this time. If you do not wish to take your device home please label it and contact your building tech about summer storage.

*****Please remember to change your PASSWORD now. Passwords have been updated to last 90 days so if you change your password now it will remain the same until September.

Directions for changing your password.

1. While on a PDSD network press: Ctrl + Alt + delete

2. Select change password

3. Put in your old password and then enter your new password twice to confirm.

Aug. 20th local free Pd opportunity!

The Garnet Valley SD is offering a great opportunity to network with other local educators and get some great training sessions on @Schoology and many other valuable resources. Best of all, its free. Check out the training options and sign up with the link below.

Thanks to all teachers who pursued Google Certification this year!

Most recent certified teachers. Congrats Tom, Brandon, Lauren, Trish, Brianne and Deb!

A sincere thank you to all of those who participated in this differentiated supervision model this year! Pass or not, I appreciate all of your effort and am extremely proud of the initiative so many teachers took to expand their tech. skill set with this option.

Sneak Peak at PDSD tech for 2018-2019!

The ability to manage student devices during class with: GoGuardian

Beginning this fall Sun Valley and Northley teachers will have GoGuardian software available to them. With this software teachers can be confident time spent with technology stays on task to meet the desired goal. GoGuardian gives teachers the ability to lock screens when desired, conveniently push out urls to all or select students, and create a lockdown browser for digital testing. While students are working in your classroom you will have the ability to monitor the content they are browsing, send messages to their screens as well as close tabs that may be a distraction to the task at hand.

Interactive Flat Panel Displays

With the renovation at Sun Valley comes new interactive flat panel displays this fall. The interactive flat panel displays offers all of the features your projector or interactive board had but without the need to calibrate, worry about bulbs, or the use of pens (unless you want to use them). You can connect your computer via USB and be off and running as usual or use the on-board Android computer to navigate the web without the need to plug in. There are whole host of other features to explore like built in screen casting, and digital tools for annotation. Over time the hope is to see more and more of these devices throughout the district but they will get their start this fall at Sun Valley.

ClassLink Facial recognition Login

Intended for use for grades K,1,2. This feature will allow students to access Classlink without a pass code. After a brief setup where a photo of a student is taken, students will be able to login to Classlink using the log in with face option. We have already tried this feature with a 2nd grade class and it was easy to setup and works well. All photos used for this purpose are secure and for internal use only much like student TAC photos.

Helpful Article for end of year best practice for managing google classrooms

Eric Curts offers excellent advice on closing out your Google Classroom for the school year. A great article with easy to follow instructions about archiving, returning student work and best practice for Google Classrooms once the year is complete. *Please note: do not make any changes to Career Readiness Classrooms.

Link to all previous Tech. newsletters

Have a great summer!

Please be in touch if you have any questions or would like support with a device or program.

Thank You

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