Skate-Aid Sub Brand "Rogue Skate" Nicole, matthew, george, lauren, elliot and kaylem.

What are we doing?

We are planning to create a cross over brand with a pre-existing skateboard charity named "Skate Aid". We want to create merch that has a limited edition element to it, so for this we had the idea of making a sub-brand named "Rogue Skate". We want to develop this cross-over so there's a range of different design variations and illustrations.

Task list

Project management By Nicole and Matt

Moodboard of textures/inspo/designs/palettes By Kaylem and Elliot

Brief research of Skate Aid: List of assets such as fonts, palette, what they do, etc Everyone

Sketches and development – Inidividual but come together to merge ideas George and Lauren (Primarily)

Mock up of designs and logo design George and Lauren/Nicole and Matt

Create design Collaborative effort

What actually is Skate Aid?

This brand focuses on the love of skate-boarding and using it to empower people regardless of their skin colour and background. They believe that skateboarding can unite everyone together with a sense of purpose for the younger generation. They have various projects across the nation and even international that use Skateboarding as an escape for young people especially in places of conflict. The support received for the organisation will go towards fundraising projects, collecting skateboards, gaining new contacts and PR/information services.The company tries to give the children a sense of confidence, self worth and helps to create a stable social environment for them to exist within.

Existing merchandise

Their existing merchandise is very basic, and with common skate brands currently doing lots of cross-overs and having very modernised logos and designs, we want to create a sub-brand called "Rogue Skate". The colour palette of green, white and black should still be used as it's still being seen as a cross-over brand. There will be a new logo created for Rogue Skate, and we want to create front and back designs that make the brand seem relatable to the current market but are limited-edition.

Looking at logo typefaces

Nicole and Matthew

We wanted to look at different Calligraphy style typefaces that would suit the collab brand, so we firstly downloaded as many Calligraphy fonts that could be manipulated and edited into an original.

Promotional mATERIAL

Moodboards and Clothing ideas

Kaylem and Elliot

Kaylems moodboard for t-shirt designs.
Elliots mood board for texture.
Elliots mood board for black textures.
Moodboard for overall project

Sketches and designs

Digital Designs of pumpkin the cat

Digital designs of dex the sheep



Created with images by harry-m - "Skater" • Rodrigo_Amorim - "Skate" • Unsplash - "skateboarder half-pipe skateboard"

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