Water cycle By:AIYANNA smith

Meet aquamarine, she is the one on the left waving. She has been in the river for only two years and really wanted to go to the ocean. Then she started moving and she yelled "help!help!". While moving, she fell asleep and in the morning nothing was familiar. She looked for her family but couldn't find them so she looked around and realized she was in a very big place but not the ocean and replied with a surprised tone "oh I'm in a lake" and another voice replied "well no duh!". Suprised, aquamarine yelped "who's there", me of course, my name is turtle don't worry i won't bite" with a soft gaze looking at her in the shadow of darkness as if it was a blanket of shadows"

"wow you're big, what are you" aquamarine replied and the stranger said "a turtle" with a confused gaze "can't you tell" "No" aquamarine replied "well okay I'll show myself to you only" turtle replied.

At that sudden moment after 2 long years, she was moving again as she said goodbye to turtle. The soft journey made her sleep and then she awoke and suddenly recognized the place she was in "the river!" she screamed in delight but she noticed there was nobody there. She thought I'll take a nap so she did and when she woke up she was in something called dirt. She figured she heard it from another elder so she stayed awake so she wouldn't miss another adventure. On her 6th year she started rising and as she was rising she saw green all around her. She was in a plant "wow these are cool" she exclaimed with awe,she was transpriated then she was rising again but this time she evaporating then she ended up in these fluffy thing called a cloud.

Then she was happy until she heard a grumble and a loud one too and she started to fall and she said I'm precipatating and then she couldn't move and suddenly she felt freezing and she felt likes he was accumulating for two years and then she got in a animal and went out you know that way then she evaporated and suddenly she saw something could it be it was her family mom dad, stream and river her sisters with a happy squelch she went to see her family.

Created By
Aiyanna Smith


Created with images by stux - "five elements wood fire"

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