Project 1: Storyboard Edgardo Gonzalezchacon CIM251

Mr. Hyde will be walking towards his apartment on the corner.
Photo of Mr Hyde's apartment. Will pan-up to show building after subject walks right towards entrance.
Mr. Hyde will be entering the building.
Mr. Hyde walking to his apartment.
Mr. Hyde is a lonely man. Eats by himself. His loneliness makes his depression worse.
His apartment is neat and tidy. Saber shows his military back ground.
Shows branch of service.
His loneliness causes him to drink which effects his state of mind.
Close-up of alcohol.
Sits in dark. Drinks by himself. Contemplates suicide. Inner demons are fighting him.
Mr. Hyde sits in shower not moving, just staring at the water.
Mr. Hyde stares at himself in the mirror. wonders if his life is worth it! questions who he is.
Insomnia takes over his nights. Anger starts to build.
Mr. Hyde reaches a boiling point and breaks. He screams into his pillow as loud as he can continuously.

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