Bringing the Elements & Principles of art to life

Here is a brief visual introduction to the Elements & Principles of Art

According to the Ministry Expectations for Grade 10 Art, these are the Es & Ps of Design that you should know:

Which explanation of the E&Ps of Design do you prefer?

Which explanation would you learn the most from?

Why do we have to learn the E&Ps?

  • they provide a vocabulary to express what you want to create and to talk about the work of others
  • they are building blocks and organizing principles for making art
  • they should be more than definitions that you memorize
  • you should be able to do more than just identify them

Your Task

Your task is to make these concepts come to life. It's your job to make others want to use use line expressively, overcome their lack of confidence, and inspire them to organize their artwork in exciting new and effective ways.

Your Tools

  1. Research exciting ways the E&Ps have been used in the past and present. Use Pinterest to collect images and videos.
  2. Know and be able to use the E&Ps of design yourself in meaningful ways. Play with the concepts.
  3. Use Adobe Spark Apps to create a dynamic presentation that includes an activity for your audience. Use Adobe Spark Page to create a website and Adobe Spark Video to create a presentation.


Other ways to explain concepts:


Great Website Intro Example


  • What approaches in the examples work best for you?
  • What approaches in the examples make you want to do something with the information they are presenting - like make art.
  • How would you approach becoming an E&P of Design champion and evangelist?

The Assignment

  1. In groups of 2, you will be assigned an Art Design concept or term to research, play with and present
  2. Your team will research all you can about your term and collect all that information in a Pinterest Board or in your Google Drive account (you can collaborate on a document here )
  • log into the Internet on your iPad
  • make sure the Spark Apps are on the iPad
  • decide with your partner where you will store your research ( images, text, audio, inspiration)
  • kinds of research: definition, illustration, examples, analysis of others' work (masters), your examples.
  • after researching think about what your activity will be.
  1. Your team will find great examples of the concept in use and play around yourselves - trying at least one activity where you play with your concept in creating a piece of work - a doodle, a photo, a painting, etc. Viewers should be able to identify the concept when they see it or when you explain it.
  2. Your team will create a website in Adobe Spark Page for your concept that will be used to present your concept to the class
  3. Your presentation will include a Spark Video presentation that can be shown during your presentation or viewed online later.
  4. There must be ONE interactive (audience participation) activity in your presentation. It's a bonus if you have them create something.

Learning the Tools of the Trade

Intro to Spark Page

Intro to Spark Video

You will need microphone earphones to record your voiceover for this project. The ones that came with a smartphone or table are fine.

Introduction to Pinterest

How I use Pinterest

Assignment 1

  1. Research your term with your team member
  2. Collect information in a place where you can share it with the class
  3. Play with your concept and create with it - make an example to share
  4. Start building your Adobe Spark Page using what you have collected/research, what you have created, and what you think is really cool about your term.
  5. Script and create an Adobe Spark Video that is between 1-3 minutes in length designed to WOW your audience about your term and inform them too.

Assignment Look Fors:

Has the team divided the work and communicated and worked together effectively?

Do you have a Spark Page that includes:

  1. your term explained in audio/video/text?
  2. inspiring examples that illustrate your term and the different creative ways it can be used? You should have one analysis of a piece of art. Use the Looking at Art Sheet to guide you.
  3. content created by each member?
  4. an Adobe Spark Video that teaches and inspires that is 1 -3 minutes long inserted in your Page?

You and your team member have prepared a presentation that uses you Spark Page to share with the class that is around 10 minutes in length.

Has each team filled out a Presentation reflection sheet and included it in the Spark Page as a link to Google Drive?

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