Final BY: Evode Iraguha

Three Things I Learned About Photoshop This Semester

This semester I learned how to use photoshop. I learned that when using photoshop precision, patience and good memory are really important. Precision is important because when cutting, deleting, painting, etc with your work it takes a lot of accuracy and precision to do it right. Patience is important because some work may take a longer time to do than others and that’s why we need patience. Good memory was the important skill to me when using photoshop. I think this because there are so many commands and it’s easy to get mixed up, so having good memory helps you out a lot. I also learned that different colors express different things. I used blue as my color, and blue expresses a sort of calmness which reminded me of my mom, because she is usually calm and chill. I also learned how turn any picture of some sort into a real room. This was called the surreal room project.

Something I Discovered While Working With The Printmaking and Collage Art

When working with printmaking I learned some techniques and tips when carving. I learned that when carving I should always carve in the opposite direction of myself and always keep the plate hot or else carving will be difficult. When doing the collage art I learned not to place the most significant piece in the middle.

Why Is It Important To Have A Portfolio

It’s good to have a portfolio because it helps you explain and express how you feel, or how you felt while doing the artwork. On my page I expressed what the artwork meant and how I felt while doing this. This important because this helps out the viewer with determining the meaning of your work, kinda like the same way we did research on the 5 different artists and explained the meaning of their artwork.

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