Precious Poet

April is Poetry month. Students are learning the different styles of poems and are reading them daily. Diamante, Repetitive, Bio, Free Verse and Acrostic are just a few of the types of poems the class has been working on. Below are just a few examples...

STEM challenge- Using one sheet of paper, who could make the longest chain? Jolie and Billy... that's who!
Author Tricia Brown Skyping from Alaska- teaching the class the native language of their Alaskan Inuits. She even showed us the snowfall that happened in April!
Learning about aviation with the Intrepid Museum
Physical Activity
Math groups with some adventurous kids
Graphing- still happening

Never walk up to a dead whale on the shore.... it could explode

Skyping with Russell Arnott an learning about Cetaceans
Learning about Pelicans from wildlife specialist, Dani Nicholson
Shoebox Stores- Huge success!!
Learning about Life in Egypt and the history of their fascinating architecture
Art Goes to School
Joshua Tree National Park with Ranger Simone
Celebrating Earth Day by learning more about how to help save our oceans, planet and all its inhabitants with Sea Trek
Just because this child will one day be very famous!

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