Medical Technology Grace Goering

History Of Medical Technology

  • It helps people all around the world.
  • There are all kinds of Medical technology.
  • There is Medical technology that helps with surgery.


  • Medicine is a type of drogue.
  • It helps you when you are sick .
  • And it can help you sleep.

Rules About Surgery

  • The doctor has to know how to do surgery.
  • They have to have the right tools to.
  • They also have to know what they are doing.

What Is Surgery

  • Surgery is something that is not working or more worst.
  • Surgery is something that can hart .


  • There is all kinds of medicines.
  • There are all kinds of colors of medicines to.

Medicine Can Help You When You Are Ill

  • Medicine can help you fight the illness.
  • When you are ill medicine is something that can help you get rid of the illness.

Seahorses Can Be Medicine :(

  • Deid Seahorses are medicine to. :( :( :(
  • Now Seahorses are going instinct from people making medicine from them. :( :( :(


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