Kabbalah Experience 2015-2016 Annual Report

Whether you are a student, donor, organizational partner or about to connect with KE, know that we are always looking ahead, addressing the issues that confront our humanity and advocating for the evolution of consciousness toward a more just, inclusive and peaceful society.

There's more to life than meets the eye.

Kabbalah Experience is a unique study program for individuals who desire a personal and engaging pathway to learn, grow and change by belonging to a community of curious and open minded spiritual scholars and seekers.

Reflections from KE President and Executive Director

Nancy Steele, President with Dr. David Sanders, Executive Director

With much gratitude we celebrate 12 years of providing quality spiritual education and practice for our Denver area community. This past year was filled with excitement for a potential to be realized—could we and would we fulfill on the significant investments made by our Board of Directors, Staff, Teachers, Students and Community Partners to broaden our reach by becoming a more diverse and inclusive spiritual center?

We are pleased to report that through extensive efforts and investments we see a dramatic change in who we are attracting as students coming to KE for the first time. They are younger and more diverse and our numbers of first time students is, once again, on the rise. We reflected on what changed to move us in this direction.

1. We settled into our new standalone location.

2. We created and implemented new messaging and a new look.

3. We launched and tracked social media marketing.

4. We maintained our dedication to serve our students and the community.

5. We continued to develop new classes and expanded class times.

Discovering the Fountain of Youth:

For our first ten years our core constituency of students comprised people in their fifties and older. We took great pride in our octogenarians and nonagenarians actively seeking new learning and awareness at KE, but our marketing consultants reminded us that we needed to reach younger and more diverse students in order to grow. We hired Savanna Olivas as our administrative marketing assistant who promoted KE’s message on all social media platforms. We offered more evening and weekend classes and became capable of remote synchronous learning through ZOOM technology. We also continued to offer free introductory classes before each semester as a means of introducing KE to this new cadre of students. The results speak for themselves (see below "the new faces of KE").

Expanding Our Circle of Inclusivity:

The last Rose Foundation Grant provided funding for a brand audit and the implementation of a new marketing plan (referenced in last year’s annual report). We were able to reflect on our demographics of age, ethnicity and religious background and through that process explored the possibility of KE becoming a spiritual center, based in Kabbalistic teachings and practices, open to people of all backgrounds. That intriguing idea was part of the decision to move away from co-locating at a synagogue to our current location where we have opened our doors to our upstairs neighbors at the Shambhala Center. In the past year we shared a Passover Seder together in their space and have formed an ongoing partnership with them, with the Mayu Sanctuary on Pearl Street and with Mile High Church in Lakewood. In short, we are becoming a bigger part of the vibrant spiritual community in Denver while maintaining and sharing our Jewish roots.

Our Future:

KE continues to offer a unique opportunity for people to engage in meaningful spiritual discourse through small classes that promote connections and community. There is an open feeling at KE where ideas, questions and challenges are respected and shared as part of our spiritual work together. Being able to attract a more diverse group to gather around our tables to learn and grow together is inspiring to all who join us. We have learned, over the last two years, that we have a great deal to offer our ever-growing community of spiritual seekers however they hear about us, whatever their ages and backgrounds. We come together and learn to be better humans and to carry that forth into our families and communities.

We are indebted to our longtime partner, Rose Community Foundation, for having faith in our mission and providing the necessary funding to more fully realize our potential and to all of you: our donors, volunteers, staff and Board of Directors, student community and other partners for your steadfast support, encouragement and dedication to Kabbalah Experience that make KE the vital and dynamic organization it is.

New Faces of Kabbalah Experience

Brittany Wangsness, Denver Brand Specialist for L'équipe St~Germain
"Joining The Kabbalah Experience last year happened quite fortuitously for me. Studying with David and Jamie this last year has been such a gift and a truly transformative process. I created new roots at KE as I become more aware of who I am within this interconnected web of experience. I am deepening the roots that were always there from the beginning. I am standing fully, more present than I have ever been before."
Sharon Hwang, Owner of The Wellness Center
"Kabbalah Experience is a wonderful place to come and learn more about the spiritual principles of life. Dr. David Sanders is an engaging teacher and the classes are very interactive. Would highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in furthering their spiritual growth and bringing more peace and calm to their life."
Danny Pando, Staff Accountant
"KE provides a sacred space for the exchange in dialogue on the many levels of the human design. With KE I've had the opportunity to have a better understanding of self and the world around me."
Meaghan Law, Social Studies Teacher
"The Kabbalah Experience became a respite for my spirit and a chance for me to reflect on the meaning of events, people and experiences in my life. The Soul class became not only the highlight of my week, it became a highlight for other people in my life. Many coworkers, family and friends would call me up to ask what I had learned that week. The Kabbalah Experience has and I'm sure will continue to create a deeper connection to myself and those around me."

2016-2017 KE Board of Directors

Nancy Steele, President

Nancy Nowak, Vice President

Dr. Mel Wernimont, Treasurer

Ken Diamond, Secretary

Eve Epstein

Dr. Andrew Freeman

Elliott Husney

Bettina Kurowski

Rachel Namoff

We gratefully acknowledge the service of those Board members who rotated off the Board this last year:

Dr. Marty Dubin

Malena Fernandez

Dr. David Franklin

Richard Greenberg

Robert Weinberger

One Year Anniversary At Our New Location

2305 S. Syracuse Way Denver, Co 80231

Dr. David Sanders with new students from our free introduction classes this fall

Here's what students are saying about our new home


How KE is Using Zoom Technology!

Rebecca Zooming into class with monks in India

There is nothing like being present. So we introduced to our study the capability of joining in through ZOOM—a user friendly technology that opens a window for students to participate virtually if they are not able to be physically present in class. Our first participants included students who were going to miss a class, a student who was going to miss a semester, and a former student who moved out of state and re-engaged to start her third year classes. We will continue to use ZOOM as an enhancement for staying connected in these ways before offering a ZOOM only class—up to 12 students can participate from anywhere on the planet, synchronously.

Rebecca Martin joined her class via ZOOM from India for the fall semester. When saying good morning to her class (9 a.m. Denver) it was 8:30 p.m. in India.

4th Annual KE Fundraiser

Thursday May 12, 2016
Items donated by students for our silent auction

On May 14th we gathered as a community for our 4th annual KE fundraiser to enjoy each other’s company, celebrate another year of study and growth, have fun and raise some additional funds to support our mission. Through extraordinary efforts of our event committee a silent auction sold weekends in the mountains to home baked challah, exquisite art to fly fishing lessons, all donated or solicited by KE students. There was schmoozing, food aplenty and music by Hal Aqua and the Tribe with guest singer Catrene Payan that lifted our feet and souls. And we raised more money than ever before!

In Appreciation: It was a big year of volunteer investment

Fundraising Event Working Group

Eve Brogan

Jodi Eisen

Eve Epstein

Susann Gordon

Bettina Kurowski

Lisa Mintz

Linda Reinstein

Nancy Steele

Lori Weiner

Strategic Planning Working group

Dr. Marty Dubin- Chair

Ken Diamond

Bonnie Houghton

Bettina Kurowski

Robyn Loup

Dr. David Sanders

Nancy Steele

Dr. Mel Wernimont

KE Financials

YE June 30, 2016

KE Donors

With Gratitude to All Who Partner with Us

Keter Sponsors

Sue Allon


Bender Foundation, Inc.

Eve Brogan

Jodi Eisen

Dr. David Franklin

Dr. Andrew Freeman

Mickey & Nancy Gart

Barbara Goldburg

Richard & Eileen Greenberg

Celeste Grynberg

Bettina Kurowski

Louann & Micky Miller

Rachel Namoff

Nancy Nowak

Andrea Pollack

Nancy & Craig Steele

Drs. Anne & Mel Wernimont

Tiferet Sponsors

Ken Diamond

Barbara & Dr. Marty Dubin

Robert & Robyn Loup

Linda Malman

Linda Reinstein

Dr. David & Rita Sanders

Yesod Sponsors

Marsha Blum

David Bradley

Corinne & Avi Brown

Bobbie Carpenter

Joe Costello

Wendy Davis

Eve Epstein

Meritt Finer & Pesia Lenczner

Geoffrey Fey

Diane Gimber

Sheryl Goodman

Susann Gordon

Sandy Hirsch

Elliott Husney

Arnold Kaplan

Stephen Kapnik

Marian Lauterbach

Dr. Lester & Nancy Lockspeiser

Dr. Joan Manheimer

Laurie Marcus

Lisa Mintz

Peggy Morse

Kathleen O'Brien

Tania Orzynski

Josie & John Ostrander

Caren Press

Jane E. & Stanton Rosenbaum

Susie Sigman

Andrea Stillman

Lynne Sullivan

Nora Tietjen

Brittany Wangsness

Michelle Wecksler

Susan Weinberger

Lori Weiner

Barry Winograd

General Sponsors

Judy Armstrong

Lisa Biederman

Lois Darnell

Ilana Erez

Dr. Joyce Fine

Debra Goodstein

Lisa Hartman

Bonnie Houghton

Joyce Lisbin

Gary Montrose

Diane Moyer

Jill Oliver

Rona Press

Gerald Radetsky

Myra Rieger

Michael Rudnick

Jamie Sarche

Brett Schklar

Alice Turak

Devorah Uriel

Silent Auction Donors

Adrienne Abel

Sue Allon

Richard Asarch, MD, Asarch Center and DermaSpa

Daniel Bennett & Devorah Uriel

Corinne Brown

Bobbie Carpenter

Charles Eisen & Associates

Barbara & Dr. Marty Dubin

Maedee Dupres, A Living Arts Centre

Susann Gordon

Gadi & Sharon Eisner, IsArt, LLC

Mike & Jaye Kephart

Bettina Kurowski

Gayle Larrance, Eccentricity

Hannah Levine, Hannah by Design

Matthew Morris Salon & Skincare

Laurie & Michael Marcus, Marcus Team Realtors

Lisa Mintz

Rachel Namoff, Arapaho Asset Management

Nancy Nowak

Gerald Radetsky, GP Radetsky Design

Myra Rieger

Rita Sanders

Brandon Schneider, Schneider Construction LLC

Nora Tietjen

Drs. Anne & Mel Wernimont

Whole Health Center

Where we are heading?

Our commitment to broaden and strengthen our community through diversity is manifesting. How do these changes shape our experience and our confidence for the future? Diversity is a key for continued growth and evolution and for the enhancement of our learning and community. It is also validation that what we have to offer has a wider appeal—it resonates with both young and old, with those who hear about us by word of mouth and those that hear about us via social media and for those who come from a Jewish background and those who don’t.

Our next big event:

An Evening of Jewish Mysticism- Kabbalah and The Tree of Life

Kabbalah Experience Interfaith Service at Mile Hi Church in Lakewood on Sunday February 19th 5:30-7:00 pm
Mile Hi Church Auditorium

Mile Hi Church, a renowned center for spiritual living in Colorado, initiated an interfaith multicultural ministry with the mission to bring together people of different faiths and cultures to “break down barriers, learn from one another and form friendships.” As part of that effort they have invited Kabbalah Experience to share with their community the spiritual path and teachings of Kabbalah at their next IAM service in February. We invite you to join us as we find confluence between the Science of Mind philosophy and our Kabbalah traditions.

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