Notes Week 7

Week 7

Google Classroom Playing Assignment Due Sunday, October 7 (or before!)

Wind instruments (this includes everyone but percussion) will have weekly playing assignments that are due by Sunday evening each week. Percussion, you are already doing your Google Classroom assignments, just keep checking and keeping up with your announcements and assignments!

Wind instruments—your first playing assignment needs to be uploaded by Sunday evening (October 7). Students will know by Tuesday each week what the playing assignment will be. They can upload it at any time after that (they do not have to wait until Sunday!).

Here's your instructions:

Take a video of yourself (or have someone help you) playing line 18, Go Tell Aunt Rhodie in the Essential Elements Book. Requirements:

—Use a metronome set to 80

—I should be able to see your hands

—I should be able to see your face

—I should be able to see your foot tapping

—Do a test note, then play the line, no repeat necessary

—Brass players and saxophones, it is best to angle slightly so your bell is not pointed directly at the microphone/recording device

You may record several times, then upload your best performance and attach it to the assignment in Google Classroom.

Students are expected to bring their instruments home everyday! Practice time should be around 15-20 minutes of playing and 15 minutes of practicing note names, positions, and holding the instrument properly with good posture. Please encourage your child to practice!

Brass and woodwind instruments should be practicing:

  • Rhythm Rockers Unit 3 and Unit 4 in the binder
  • Page 9 and 10 behind their Instrument Instruction tab in the binder (some classes may be doing slightly different pages, or additional pages, they should practice what they did in class!)
  • Essential Elements book pages 6-8
  • Review 5 minute theory lessons 1-8
  • Note Names!

If your child needs after school help, please sign up for a time using the button below. Please only sign up for ONE time slot initially. We want to make sure that everyone has an opportunity and there are almost 100 band students this year! This is not a replacement for private lessons!

The student needs to sign in using their school Google account! Please have your student sign in—not the parent!

If the parent signs in, I don't know which student is staying after school! I only see the parent email address, which is not very helpful.

Fundraiser Last Chance!

This is the final push, fundraiser turn-in is Tuesday, October 9!

Our goal is to raise enough money to pay for our Band Festival at the end of the year including judges fees, transportation, lunch, AND the student's ticket to the water park! We encourage everyone to participate and will accept donations as well!

Each student's goal is to sell 10 items (or more!) either with the cookie dough or the online store. Donations are accepted in place of fundraising participation.

Monday evening, before turning in your order form and money, please sit with your student and make sure the order form and money match!

  1. Cookie dough order form should be neat and easy to read
  2. The money amount matches what was ordered!
  3. Parents, it is a good idea to keep the cash and write one check for all cash
  4. If cash donations were given, please label that clearly by putting them in a small envelope, separate from the cookie dough money. It can then all go in the large white fundraiser envelope your student was given.
  5. All money and order forms (in the large fundraising envelope) are due on Tuesday, October 9. Tell your child to bring it to Mrs. Rogers in the morning before their first period class so they don't have to carry it around all day!
  6. Students collect money when their customers place their orders. Checks payable to Sloan Creek IS Band.
  7. Cookie dough will be delivered to SCIS on Wednesday, November 7. Students and parents are responsible for picking up the cookie dough after school on November 7th and delivering it to their customers.

Contact Mrs. Rogers if you have questions!

App of the Week

Note Racing Apps

Pick up your instrument and find out how fast you really are!

This is a fun way to practice reading and playing the correct notes on your instrument! Just search your instrument followed by Racer (Flute Racer, Tuba Racer, etc) to find your app!

Practice time is fun as you master your note skill and race to the finish line!

Lovejoy Band Makes Loud Impact with Silent Night Show

Denton Golden Triangle Marching Contest Saturday, September 29

  • Lovejoy named Best in Class, and moved on to finals competition!
  • Lovejoy Color Guard takes second in prelims!
  • In Finals—Lovejoy places third overall!
  • In Finals—Lovejoy won best marching!
It was a tough competition on Saturday, several schools that are bigger than Lovejoy, but our students rose to the challenge and they proved that hard work really does pay off. —Paul Heuer, Director of Bands
This is just the beginning. The band is continuing to grow and we look forward to more success this year and for years to come! —Paul Heuer, Director of Bands
Sixth grade band members, you are so lucky to be in a band program that is growing and having so much success! I can't wait to see all the band achieves when you are up there in just a few years! It is so exciting! —Elizabeth Rogers, band director


5 & 8—Fall Break—No School

9—Fundraiser Ends, money turned in—all day

22—After School Rehearsal—SCIS—3:00 to 4:30

23—1st Band Concert—SCIS Gym—6:30 to 7:00 (student call time 6:00 pm)

Go practice & don't forget to upload your playing assignment!

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